The new integrated platform consists of the following best-in-class components:

Illumas Digital Experience enables you to create a cohesive and functionally rich user experience for clients, agents or advisors. It provides clients with a complete view of the portfolio, self directed trading, enables the distribution of documentation, co-browsing between advisor and client, generates notifications and allows clients to digitally interact real-time with Investment Managers, through an omni-device and omni-channel unified client experience.

Illumas Portfolio Manager is the core of every financial service, providing best in class Portfolio Management features: Portfolio Analysis, Risk & Compliance, Benchmark & Attribution, Modelling & Rebalancing, Order Management (OMS), Portfolio Monitoring and Alerting. Illumas Portfolio Manager capabilities have been extended to connect to several new execution platforms, to enhance the compliance module and a significant increase in system performance to process big orders volumes.

Built using the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, Illumas Digital CRM guides the on-boarding process from prospect to new client. Using built-in workflow, it manages the whole process through a compliant set of defined stages, such as gathering data, suitability review and mandate setting. For existing clients, Illumas Digital CRM ensures adherence to regulatory controls by retaining client records and monitoring suitability.

Illumas Investment Operations is the comprehensive, fully integrated, seamless accounting and administration system supporting middle and back-office investments operations. To achieve operational back-office excellence it guarantees an extensive coverage for a wide range of business functions within an investment management operation, from client management through to trading and order management providing breadth and depth of functionality: Investment Administration, KYC, Management Fees, Corporate Actions, Fund Accounting, Bond Administration, Money Market.

Illumas Investment Operations includes a set of new navigation and user experience features such as:

> Simultaneous and Multiple Application Access
The new Illumas user interface allows users to open up to 10 Illumas applications simultaneously. No more having to log in to another session when the phone rings with a request for some information when you are entering data or when you need to find out some information to support your input. Now you can simply open another application from the application search and switch between the two screens using the page tracker feature.

> ‘My Favorites’ Functionality & Hot Key Feature
Amongst the improved navigation in Illumas is the ability to ‘favorite’ many items; portfolios, instruments, applications, dashboards, queries. Simply click on the favorite icon and the items are stored in your favorites folder: now you can access them with a single click. Furthermore, with the Hot Key Feature, you can use a simple key combination to carry out the same functionality as clicking on an icon.

Illumas Business Reporting is a powerful tool for interrogating your operational data, without the need for an external data warehouse. Part of Illumas Investment Operations, it retrieves information directly from your production data, it enhances your investment management information with more depth and dimension and enables investment management professionals to make decisions based on real-time analysis. A number of ‘out of the box’ investment analytics and dashboards provide multiple views of key data entities with powerful filtering options. Need something different? Objectway will work with you to create custom dashboards targeted to your specific requirements.

Illumas Expat Platform is designed for offshore investments administration firms that want to provide a digital platform to Expat IFAs, to on-board a new client and manage new business applications on a diverse range of offshore services (trading account, DFM, offshore bonds, units, policies) with a paperless digital process.

Once the client is on-boarded, the Expat IFAs and Distributors can manage the investments directly on the Illumas Expat Platform for: Trading, Rebalancing, Compliance and Risk Checks, Portfolio Monitoring and Alerting, Client Reporting. All the offshore investments administration operations are supported by Illumas Investment Operations. The Expat Platform supports multiple currencies and business for expats from any country in the world with a 24/7 online access.