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The OMBank App is a mobile solution providing a comprehensive set of home banking and trading functionalities accessable via smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7).

This solutions extends the existing banking features available through traditional channels going to determinate The Mobile Identity of a financial institution. OMBank App pays particular attention to the need of tailoring the solution to the specific and unique flavour of each financial institution. For instance you can set up a marketing communication that dynamically varies over time through themes and layouts that highlight special events, products and marketing campaigns.

OMBank App has been designed to meet the needs of final customers, ease of use and with a fast learning curve, taking into strong consideration that tablets/smartphone are also used by the consumers that are not habitual PC and/or Internet users.

OM app

Smartphone are mainly used in mobility. Therefore the OMBank solution, for these type of terminals, privileges agility, access speed and simplicity of contents rather then presenting rich views or complex transactional processes (views are concise and transactional functions are pre- set where possible).

Tablets, instead, are usually used not only in mobility but also after work at home, in work meetings, in waiting rooms, or while travelling etc. Therefore, for these type of terminals, rich and in depth views have been designed and transactional processes are more fluent and natural compared with traditional channels such as Home Banking.

The solution can be configured by the user depending on its preferences (everyone has a set of preferred operations, that are more frequently used and need to be accessed in minimum time), and functionalities are profiled on the base of each customer's profile.

The feature covered by OMBank App are following:

  • Current Accounts
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Securities Accounts
  • Credit, debit, prepaid cards etc.
  • Bank Transfers and Account Transfer
  • Recharges and Payments
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Mortgages and Loan
  • Insurance
  • Securities and Markets
  • Trading on Line (ToL)





Barclays selected the ObjectWay Financial Suite components - ObjectWay Financial Planning, OFS Advice - Portfolio, and ObjectWay Mifid Adequacy & Appropriateness - to support MiFID compliant advisory services for its “affluent”, “top affluent”, and “private clients”. Barclays uses the ObjectWay Financial Suite in its Italian and Spanish subsidiaries for nearly 1,000 branches. The software has been used in Italy since 2008 and will be introduced in Spain at the end of 2009. Nathalie Couveignes, Marketing Director, Barclays France and head of Barclays University for the Global Premier Banking described ObjectWay as a “scientific and holistic” support of Barclays Premiere business model that is fully compliant with MiFID and explained that the platform would soon be introduced in four other European countries.


The Wealth Management, Private Banking division of Credit Suisse, serves approximately 700,000 high net worth individuals around the world. Credit Suisse Italy’s Personal Bankers and Relationship Managers provide financial, retirement and insurance advisory services in 29 locations throughout Italy.

Credit Suisse Italy uses the full ObjectWay SMIT2 platform - Front, Middle & Back Office – for all aspects of asset management and administration: order input, straight-through processing trading on domestic or international markets; asset management services for private and institutional clients, SWIFT settlements, securities custody, taxation and reporting.

Credit Suisse uses ObjectWay integrated solutions for CRM and MiFID-compliant advisory services.


With 20,000 advisors and 2,500 billion in client assets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the world’s largest broker.

The Italian branch of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management selected to use the entire ObjectWay SMIT2 software product line in its Private Banking business, adopting the ObjectWay front-office and back-office solutions for investment management of clients' safekeeping accounts and discretionary portfolios.

The solution is an integral part of the Bank’s global infrastructure. Introduction of continuous 24-hour availability eliminated business cut-offs and accelerated data updates, thus increasing the accuracy of portfolio information provided by private bankers to their clients.