For clients who adopt ObjectWay Software Solutions in their Information System


For financial institutions that decide to outsource the running and management of applications based on ObjectWay Financial Software products


ObjectWay assists banks and financial services companies to develop tailor-made software and adopt new business technology.


ObjectWay Financial Software is designed for banks, asset management companies, brokerage houses, bank outsourcing service providers and insurance companies desiring to manage and sell sophisticated financial products, assist customers in the management of their investments and improve productivity and effectiveness by reducing operating costs.

ObjectWay Financial Software features an innovative architecture and is structured in solutions. Each of the solutions can be used on a stand-alone basis despite the fact that they are closely interrelated and share common functions and data. Moreover, as a result of their service-oriented architecture they can be easily combined with clients’ existing applications.

The solutions comply with the latest regulations, and are fully functional, customizable, multichannel, multi-bank and can be scaled to support any number of users. They also ensure the highest security standards for the protection of sensitive personal and financial data.

Process expertise and key technologies combined with our systems integration know-how mean that ObjectWay independently manages system implementation and integration with success.

Customers can use ObjectWay Financial Software in either the license and services or the Software as a Service mode.




ObjectWay solutions for asset management are used by more than 70 banks and asset management companies - including Credit Suisse Italy, Banca Generali - to manage the banks' own security portfolios and those of their customers. More than 45 banks are using the SMIT2 Full platform provided by the C.S.E. outsourcer, while 24 banks served by the Cedacri outsourcer use the IPM Front-end software to manage customer portfolios, mutual fund and pension fund portfolios.


ObjectWay Financial Suite solutions are market leaders in providing software for advisory, and are used by leading financial institutions including UBI Group, SEC Servizi, Gruppo Banca Sella, Barclays Italy, Barclays France, CNP UniCredit Life, CNP Assurances France, FinecoBank, ING Direct, IPB Sim, MPS Banca Personale, Simgenia Sim (Generali Group), Zurich Sim.


ObjectWay Financial Suite solutions are market leaders in providing software for financial product distribution and are used by leading financial institutions, including Allianz Bank Financial Advisors, Euromobiliare Bank, Banca Network Investimenti, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Cattolica Previdenza Vita, Groupama Sim, ING Direct, IPB Sim, MPS Banca Personale, Simgenia Sim (Generali Group), UBI Banca Private Investment, UGF Bank, Zurich Sim.