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OFS Wealth Apps
straightforward, efficient, mobile

The quality of the relationship between the advisor and the client is a key point to be considered when offering wealth management services. ObjectWay has developed OFS Wealth Apps, a range of mobile applications that are a valuable support to the financial advisor daily activities. The key objectives are to guarantee maximum transparency, to reach a quick information access, a real time reporting, a more efficient vision of the trend and investments scenarios. Mobile Advisor's Studio offers the opportunity to the consultant, with just a tablet from outside the office, to prepare the meeting material (products, reports, simulations, news and videos), analyze the status and trend of the investments, run simulations together with the client and make financial planning proposals for the asset management, all in real time.
The investor, using Mobile Client ActiveDesk apps, can monitor its portfolio, perform financial planning simulations, execute trades and recommendations anytime and anywhere.

OFS Wealth Apps is an application portfolio, integrated and developed to meet all the financial advisor and clients' needs OFS Wealth Apps is based on the ObjectWay Financial Suite platform that supports different advisory models through the mobile and traditional channels, using a secure Cloud architecture.

Mobile Advisor's Studio A set of applications to supports the advisory activity and the relationship with clients.

  • Portfolio Studio: suitable for the portfolio valuation, historical analysis of risk and return of investment, possibility to insert alert by using Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit. The Advisors is able to research clients, to navigate among investments, to download customized reports and news in real time.
  • Holistic CRM Studio: for the complete management of client's personal data, using a sophisticated filtered research. Enables the agenda meeting handling and planning. Suitable for developing: clients' asset profiling and evaluation, an analysis of its whole worth and the creation of a customized reporting.
  • Personal Advice Studio: for the meeting material preparation, selecting the topics and creating customized reports The analysis of client's life objectives and investment scenarios enables the preparation of personalized proposals

Mobile Client ActiveDesk A set of applications, addressed to clients who want to actively manage their own portfolio and the relationship with their Advisor

  • Active Portfolio: the client can access the portfolio from the mobile, have a detailed valuation, a performance analysis with the possibility to insert an alert for each security.
  • Active Financial Planner: the client is able to make "what if" analysis to define the most suitable scenario, by allocating resources, simulating life events, setting different objectives These simulations can be shared and recalled with the financial Advisor.
  • Active Trader: the client can access markets data, using both view and disposal modality. Information is guaranteed in push modality, with a multilevel book. The client can either dispose autonomously or accept and execute following the advisor's recommendations.

It is possible to download a video demonstrating the main features of the application