A comprehensive securities back office for wealth management

The Back Office modules enable financial institutions to optimise back office tasks by making efficient use of infrastructure and by automating the entire securities management process.


Trade Order Management
This module supports the trade generation process starting with suitability assessment, calculation of correct value dates, cash availability check, estimation of commissions and charges. It supports order transmission to the market via FIX or other protocols and later record execution responses. It includes a dedicated trading desk console that can centralize dealing activity.

Securities Processing
This module provides an STP platform that assures the fluid management of post-trade securities processing activities, automating the confirmation and settlement processes. It supports efficiently the definition and calculation of many types of management fees and commissions suitable to the financial institution's business model. It generates all data necessary for client reporting.

Tax & Regulatory
This module ensures compliance with national regulatory and fiscal requirements. Tax can be calculated in realtime and relative information attached to every transaction.

Core Application Infrastructure
The underlying application infrastructure manages securities master data and corporate actions, client account data, transactions and accounting, account balances, and performance calculations. It is distinguished for its thorough data model and availability of high-productivity functions that enable users to operate on data massively or selectively according to their needs.

Quick innovation of products and services
Through the rational design and experience incorporated in the platform in the form of parameter-regulated behavior.

Personalised service
Flexible and efficient management of fees, commissions, investment constraints through classes with appropriate exceptions.

Reduced operating costs
The STP facilities, graphical user interface and extensive bulk processing functions increase the productivity of back office staff, reducing overall operating costs.

Identify performance gains faster and provide more frequent consistent professional advice based on demonstrable metrics, build confidence and trust and increase cross-selling opportunities.

Rapid IT integration
The SOA architecture, with hundreds of functions displayed in the form of web services, means that the solution can be rapidly incorporated into a firm’s application ecosystem.


The Wealth Management, Private Banking division of Credit Suisse, serves approximately 700,000 high net worth individuals around the world. Credit Suisse Italy’s Personal Bankers and Relationship Managers provide financial, retirement and insurance advisory services in 29 locations throughout Italy. Credit Suisse Italy uses OFS Back Office for all aspects of asset management and administration: order input, straight-through processing trading on domestic or international markets; asset management services for private and institutional clients, SWIFT settlements, securities custody, taxation and reporting. Credit Suisse uses Objectway integrated solutions also for CRM and MiFID-compliant advisory services.


With 20,000 advisors and 2,500 billion in client assets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the world’s largest broker. The Italian branch of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management selected the OFS platform to be used in its Private Banking business, adopting the Objectway front-office and OFS Back Office solutions for investment management of clients' safekeeping accounts and discretionary portfolios. The solution is an integral part of the Bank’s global infrastructure. Introduction of continuous 24-hour availability eliminated business cut-offs and accelerated data updates, thus increasing the accuracy of portfolio information provided by private bankers to their clients.


ING Direct, which is owned by the Dutch financial giant ING, is the largest online bank in the world and has over 1 million customers in Italy. The Italian branch chose OFS Back Office for the management of its product "Investimenti Arancio", due to the ease and efficient manner in which it can manage the sales of funds and SICAV through its distribution channels: call centres, interactive voice response and the internet.


The Banca Sella Group consists of a bank holding company, four retail banks, and a private bank all of which are served by a centralized back office. It selected the OFS Back Office product line to support securities operations in 330 branches, online retail clients and the customers of SellaXtrading. The Securities Middle & Back Office, Portfolio Administrator and Portfolio Manager solutions are now integral parts of the Group’s information system that is built on service-oriented architecture, and supports order input, transmission and execution, proprietary trading, wealth management and securities custody services. The Group also selected OFS Advice for client portfolio management assigned to its private bankers and network of financial advisors.

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