Delivering an holistic view of clients and prospects

Client Engage brings to desktop and mobile users consolidated information related to your client management activities such as onboarding, fact find, suitability reviews and alerting.
The platform is fully integrated with Objectway’s eXimius and Advice.



Client Information
Comprehensive client information to onboard, report and communicate with a client. such as fact finds, contracts, contact information; address, email, telephone numbers etc are captured and maintained. Investment managers can view a portfolio’s structure and its financial breakdown within the “360 view” of the client.

Client Activities
Provides an overview of all upcoming activities for the Advisor or Investment manager. Review of all future & historical activities per client type. Presented in list and graphical views.

Prospect & Sales Pipeline
Prospects business process flow to track the sales lifecycle. Opportunities with probability rating are linked to Prospects. This information is available in dashboard elements.

Outlook Integration
Outlook integration for mails, tasks, notes. Alerting on activities, tasks and portfolio related alerts from OFS eXimius or OFS Advice.

Easy integration
An orchestration & aggregation layer enables easy plug-in connectivity to any vertical or horizontal application component by Objectway or third party – including OFS vertical applications such as eXimius or Advice. Orchestration of business processes can be further supported through the use of a Business Process Management (BPM) engine.

Roles & Relations
Investment managers have a dedicated tree view of relationships both Professional and Private. Wealth Management relationship types are available to easily create family and business relationship views. Portfolio Roles are synchronised with other Objectway systems such as eXimius and Advice to ensure solution integrity.

Risk, Wealth and Interest Segments are available to use in client analytics and marketing campaigns. Views of client segmentation are available in user defined dashboards.

Advisors & Investment managers can place and receive calls via the platform. Incoming calls will direct the Advisor or Investment Manager to the client “360 view” The platform is fully Integrated with Skype & Lync.

Document Management
SharePoint is used as standard document management system. Integration available to access, share and manage the documents from any entity.

Audit Controls
Field level security is in place and is based on security roles. Track changes to your business data by enabling the audit functionality. Extended audit control access can be enabled.

Static or dynamic Marketing lists on Contacts, Companies or Prospects. These lists can be used and tracked in Campaigns. Marketing departments can access quick campaigns externally: send ‘rich text’ emails, create tasks, phone call lists and assign them to users or teams. Features include plan activities, distribute activities to other team members, and track results of marketing campaigns .

Fully designed for mobile. Includes views for all entities and activities which are available to the desktop users. Users can manage their activity on the road using Client Engage mobile.

Client Onboarding
Onboarding is a process that spans several stages and activities:

  • KYC: The client goals, investment objectives & fact find (KYC) may be gathered from one or multiple questionnaires. Questionnaire content can vary depending on client type.
  • AML check: The fact find may include an AML check. AML scores can be input manually or automatically via online integration with third party credit checking agencies.
  • Client Risk Profiling: For each client an Attitude To Risk (ATR) score is determined from the questionnaire answers provided to an ATR score algorithm calculator. Typically the score is calculated by a third party risk calculation system or Client Engage provides its own user defined scoring algorithm.
  • Mandate Type selection: Determine Mandate ‘portfolio guidance’ based on questionnaire.
  • Investment Proposal: Investment Proposals have several building blocks; Goals, Fact Find, Client Risk Profile, ATR, Investment Time Horizon etc, which determines the inputs for the Investment Proposal Report.
  • Account Opening: Once all the information is collected the account opening information can be sent automatically to the Back Office system.

Client Engage

Client Engage gives your Advisors and Managers up to date pipeline information so that the business can quickly, accurately forecast and control new business opportunities Client Engage allows you to control the client on-boarding process, provide updated views of all stages of the workflow and quickly identify bottlenecks so that clients are on-boarded without delay. Client Engage provides your Advisors and Managers with a structured and consistent process to review your client suitability in a timely manner and produce regular suitability reports that meet regulatory needs.

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