Delivering performance to enhance client wealth

eXimius Portfolio Manager is a multichannel, multi-entity, multi-device software platform that automates the daily challenges of wealth managers. It brings unprecedented efficiency to routine tasks such as portfolio analysis, risk and regulatory compliance, client reporting, order management and rebalancing, alerting, monitoring, performance measurement, and attribution.



Portfolio Analysis
Conduct accurate, up-to-date, and real-time portfolio analysis with clear and intuitive results.

Risk & Compliance
Investment managers can view a portfolio’s structure and its breakdown over different categories, making it easier to specify allocation schemes and analyse the risk breakdown for each.

Modelling & Rebalancing
Perform real-time compliance checking before order delivery and execute straight-through processing to the back-office or an external order management system. You can also monitor and track orders to ensure effective decisions with validations based on up-to-date and accurate data.

Order& Management
Reduce operational risk and ensure compliance with regulatory and bank requirements, client contract restrictions/mandates and suitability rules.

Monitoring and alerting
Client goals, portfolio positions, and suitability can be continuously monitored and alerts generated when conditions are met.

Empower portfolio managers and create front-office efficiency
Focus attention on the highest priority tasks, reduce errors in execution, and automate the most manual actions. This boost in efficiency enables portfolio managers to increase their number of managed portfolios, and their face time with clients.

Manage risk exposure effectively
Identify risk/return at every level – portfolio, branch, manager. Manage risk proactively by automatically pushing relevant information to every level of the organisation. Receive active alerts on down side risk (VAR) breaches.

Ease the compliance burden of meeting regulatory requirements
Automatically drive and audit compliance and suitability rules centrally. Demonstrate transparency of decisions and information provided to the client and reduce complaints and disputes.

Maximise client relationships
Identify performance gains faster and provide more frequent consistent professional advice based on demonstrable metrics, building confidence and trust and increasing cross-selling opportunities.

Increase profitability
Identify the most profitable clients--where profitability lies within the branch or manager level-- and specify which products. Concentrate on the most profitable business areas, automating the least profitable areas to improve margin.

Reduce costs
A single integrated platform reduces data silos and infrastructure redundancy and cuts operational costs. The resulting efficiency improves and streamlines discretionary and advisory management workflows.

Speirs & Jeffrey (UK)

Speirs & Jeffrey is one of the UK’s leading investment management firms, offering their clients a thorough, traditional and highly personal investment management service. They manage portfolios for individuals, families, trusts, pension funds and institutions, servicing clients in 63 countries globally. Their success as a business is entirely dependent on how well they service those clients. Given this customer-centric approach that has made Speirs & Jeffrey a leader in its market, OFS eXimius Portfolio Manager is an absolutely crucial component of their front-office process. With the onset of more stringent regulation, knowing your customer, the need for checking suitability and facilitating easy review were paramount selection criteria. Consistency of investment reporting and the ability to identify exceptions quickly allows Speirs & Jeffrey to manage risk and return more effectively and efficiently.

F. Van Lanschot Bankiers (Netherlands, Belgium)

F. Van Lanschot Bankiers (VL) is the 6th largest bank in the Netherlands. With about 32 offices and operations in Belgium (8 branches), Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Dutch Antilles and Jersey, the bank is focused on the advisory and discretionary investment management for private persons. In response to hard economic and market competition pressure, OFS eXimius Portfolio Manager has been selected as the front- and middle-office solution to increase the customer service, enhance the decision support and improve the internal organisational efficiency, enabling a flexible portfolio reporting system (on-line and bulk), available in real-time with an integrated CRM environment. OFS eXimius Portfolio Manager services some 500 internal users though intranet and 15.000 external users on-line through the Internet. It is integrated with the bank’s back office systems and in real-time with a market data provider, managing around 40.000 investment portfolios and over 30.000 different financial instruments. Van Lanschot experienced more than 20% increase in advisors’ portfolio management capabilities, and efficiency.

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