Combining human interaction with digital capabilities, investors can start their investment experience online and request a human advisor for more complex decisions. After discovering their risk profile and investment attitude, customers can define goals, simulate investment scenarios, monitor progress and deal with their advisor through their preferred digital channel in a collaborative manner.



Provide your clients with a disruptive Hybrid Advisory solution including goal-based analysis and investment planning. Deliver personalised advice in the digital era and democratise advisory services, traditionally reserved to private banks’ world.


  • Discover my risk profile and investment attitude
  • Define my goals and simulate investment scenarios
  • Invest in my goals and periodically re-align investment strategy
  • Align my goals with my wealth


  • Help clients defining goals and simulating investment scenarios
  • Assist clients investing in goals and periodically re-aligning their investment strategies
  • Monitor clients’ goals
  • Benefit from analytic reporting showing clients’ behavior and goals

Investors are at the centre of the new digital workplace.

There is no prototype client that deserves a totally automated or face-to-face contact: some customers prefer to be approached online whilst others prefer a personal, face-to-face engagement.

A hybrid approach complements human interaction with digital capabilities:

  • Democratising advisory services traditionally reserved to the private banks’ world
  • Increasing confidence in personalised strategies aligned with customer goals
  • Placing people’s goals at the centre of the advice process
  • Disintermediating and automating some steps of the onboarding, goal setting and financial planning processes

The established Milan-based investment bank, CheBanca!, is offering customers a new concept in banking by making wealth management much more accessible and more client-oriented for the mass affluent segment.

Through the implementation of Objectway’s Hybrid Advisory platform, CheBanca! offers its customers a native multichannel service which provides them with a few simple product offerings, a product offer expansion, and an innovative and distinctive advisory.

Moreover, they have achieved the disintermediation of some steps of the onboarding, goal setting and financial planning processes, by giving customers the freedom to choose if and to what extent they want to operate by themselves or to be assisted by any other channel: branches, customer service, or advisors.

CheBanca! has also democratised advisory services traditionally reserved for private banks. In fact, the minimum threshold to access the service, along with the lower costs, make it a very democratic product that is available to a range of customers that have previously been neglected.

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