The integrated front-to-back digital investment solution

ILLUMAS is the best in class solution designed to answer to the new challenges and increasing complexity currently facing the Private Wealth Management Industry.

With the new version of Illumas we allow our customers to make substantial improvements in operation processes and efficiencies, while providing a certified and fast information flow throughout the key front, middle and back office functions enabling their digital transformation.

ILLUMAS introduces and implements a new concept of an integrated platform supporting the complete front-to-back digital investment management process from prospect/client onboarding to ongoing client servicing, through its six best in class components.

The new version of Illumas, distinguished by a very intuitive user experience and a user friendly navigation, provides seamless real-time flow of information between the different components, it enables all stakeholders (clients, advisors, portfolio managers, operations) to run their business and digitally collaborate with the others downsizing the increasing complexity of the industry.


Based on a customized version of

Illumas Digital Experience enables you to create a cohesive and functionally rich user experience for clients, agents or advisors. It provides clients with a complete view of the portfolio, self directed trading, enables the distribution of documentation, co-browsing between advisor and client, generates notifications and allows clients to digitally interact real-time with Investment Managers, through an omni-device and omni-channel unified client experience.

Based on a customized version of
Client Engage

Built using the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, Illumas Digital CRM guides the on-boarding process from prospect to new client. Using built-in workflow, it manages the whole process through a compliant set of defined stages, such as gathering data, suitability review and mandate setting. For existing clients, Illumas Digital CRM ensures adherence to regulatory controls by retaining client records and monitoring suitability.

Based on a customized version of

Illumas Portfolio Manager is the core of every financial service, providing best in class Portfolio Management features: Portfolio Analysis, Risk & Compliance, Benchmark & Attribution, Modelling & Rebalancing, Order Management (OMS), Portfolio Monitoring and Alerting. Illumas Portfolio Manager capabilities have been extended to connect to several new execution platforms, to enhance the compliance module and a significant increase in system performance to process big orders volumes.

In today’s demanding investment management industry, success means more and better services along with new products and digital capabilities. In addition, everything must work faster, much more productively and easy to monitor, control, audit. Increasingly, investment managers will move away from their old legacy IT systems and turn to new strategic platforms to drive success in this challenging environment. Inspired by proven experience, and leveraging the latest technologies,Illumas delivers a strategic breakt-hrough platform for modern investment management.

  • A solution to support investment management operations, front-to-back
  • Actively drives strategies through BPM and STP into consistent, effective execution
  • Built on the most innovative integration platform
  • Ensure best practices are consistently delivered
  • Embedded Analytics at the point of action to drive continuous optimization
  • Support a complete Digital Experience
  • Provide multiple focused optimized operations for Investment professionals, Customers, Operations

Rathbone Brothers Plc has earned an enviable reputation as one of the largest independent investment and wealth management service providers in the UK. It is also one of the oldest, founded in 1742. For the past 20 years of its impressive history, Rathbones has relied on rhymeSIGHT Back Office and Front Office as the backbone of its steady growth. One of the key advantages of the rhymeSIGHT system is its single database, which means data is available in real time to Rathbones investment operations. The single source database has also eliminated data synchronisation issues and enabled Rathbones to achieve straight-through processing. The result has been a dramatic increase in efficiency and reduction of errors.


London-based Jupiter Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Jupiter International Group PLC (itself a subsidiary of Commerzbank, one of Germany’s leading banks) has built its business with the help of rhymeSIGHT. The fund specialist chose rhymeSIGHT because it was a perfect fit for Jupiter’s private client and investment trust needs and blends well with its pool structure. With rhymeSIGHT, Jupiter efficiently manages different product types-from investment trusts and hedge funds to unit trusts, offshore SICAVs, and institutional pension funds. rhymeSIGHT’s wealth of information and functionality has enabled Jupiter to increase its overall workflow efficiency and further burnish its reputation for long-term investment performance and customer service.


Friends Provident Life & Pensions Limited is a leading UK life and pensions provider with more than 2.5 million customers. Friends Provident selected rhymeSIGHT for its SIPP business because the platform was the most comprehensive SIPP investment administration system available in the market. rhymeSIGHT Back Office includes Dealing & Settlement functions, a single environment and a suite of functionality that supports an extensive range of investment instruments as well as offshore and onshore tax and reporting/regulatory regimes. Due to the richness and breadth of rhymeSIGHT, most of the business functionality requirements were already met by the system with little need for functional development.