Operations & application platform management

As soon as the software solution goes live, Objectway provides the customer with first in class support to ensure a reliable and continuous platform operation. We operate with agreed and guaranteed SLA (even 24/7 for Platinum Support Agreements). We also execute installation, configuration and testing of the platform’s application upgrades, coming from Product Roadmaps and regulatory upgrades.



Customer Support

Objectway provides its clients with first, and second and third level support services, to ensure the business continuity, the respect ofin line with the agreed service levels (SLA). Issues and the management of any issues related to service delivery and operation of information systems are managed andor monitored by Objectway. Each customer has a dedicated Service Manager that manages and coordinates support and trouble ticketing systems to manage and monitor of each trouble ticket life cycle.

Application Management

Entrusting Objectway with the Application Management services, customers focus on their core business. Objectway takes charge of the operational management, maintenance and management of routine tasks of the application infrastructure to keep systems running and always updated, through operational monitoring systems and implementation processes that keep the software updated and therefore support the changing business needs . This allows customers to reduce operating costs and, at the same time, to streamline internal processes and increase the quality of service provided to end users, having constantly updated services always available, compliant to regulations and technologically innovative. These services can be delivered either if the software is installed at the customer's data center or outsourced at Objectway data centers.

Roll-out and post-production support


Preventive and corrective maintenance

Regulatory compliance

Operational management

Specialist advice

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