Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning provides financial institutions and their customers with the tools to support "comprehensive advice" in accordance with MiFID. PFP can provide advice in multichannel mode, verify the impact of the suggested actions on the client’s portfolio, and plan objectives through processes based on asset allocation.



Client accounting & reporting
Perform customer portfolio accounting & aggregation including third party assets. Tools include portfolio performance analysis, portfolio reporting in terms of portfolio holdings, asset allocation, back testing, and forward testing.

Personal financial planning
Definition & management of customer’s global investment goals. Allocation of tailored investment portfolios based on customers’ needs analysis, short and long-term financial goals, risk attitudes, exposure and compliance requirements.

Goals monitoring
Report investment results to customers and help them make appropriate decisions about their financial future.

Empower relationship managers
Profiling prospect clients, gathering data such as properties, income, expenses, investments, liabilities, and bank accounts.

Perform simulations with balance charts
Represent the client's total wealth view over the selected time period based on the needs specified together with year-by-year net client liquidity.

Check investment feasibility
The software engine is able to verify if an investment simulation is feasible or not, suggesting actions to fix the plan.

Context adaptation
The platform fits into the client country parameters such as capital gain taxation, house sale taxation, annual inflation rate, and so on.

Increase prospect conversion
Allow clients to perform and submit self-life plan simulations, so that relationship managers can get in contact with more qualified and active prospects.

Reduce costs enhancing efficiency
Relationship managers can focus primarily on qualified clients and automatically collect key client data.

Barclays (France, Spain, Portugal)

Barclays launched Life Planner, a Mobile and Web App, based on PFP platform. Objectway was selected for its experience and track record in the financial sector, its drivers and mobile technology. Objectway had a main role in the implementation of a successful App that covers: client mobile identification, user experience, financial engines implementation and a scalable software architecture.

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