Revenue & Compensation Management

Revenue and compensation engine to manage relations with sales force and intermediaries concerning pay-in & pay-out calculation, fees, commissions and incentives.

Business Capabilities


Comprehensive support for the processes of sales oganisation data and structured management


Pay-in & pay-out management and fee calculation. Full coverage of commission statement process


Easy creation of advanced rules for incentive compensation management as well as fully configurable calculation processes


Complete commission management with related recovery plan

Creation of commission movements such as corrections and commissions’ reverse transactions

Management of commission grids assigned to the sales network

Management of agency contract and letters of integration destined to each agent

Management by Objective module to define rules for attribution of prizes, incentives and compensation diverse from standard commissions

Products register and parameters management to determine active and passive assessable base for commissions

Definition of transaction codes associated to transactions

Key Benefits

Single, centralised system for complete network management of a sales organisation

Maximum flexibility and high level of parametrisation in managing payment rules, inserting different calculation schemes at multiple overrides levels

Continuously updated to meet regulatory requirements and change in market needs

Simplification of business processes, minimising human interventions and reducing errors in commission process

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