Create the Experience your Customers Expect

Conectus is the omnichannel, omni-device user experience platform supporting digital engagement and collaboration between client and advisor. Designed specifically for the wealth and investment services segment it focuses on front-end and user interaction to give advisors and clients a complete digital customer experience.

Business Capabilities


Real-time remote collaboration across all channels and devices through video-chat, co-browsing, instant messaging


Overview of clients’ portfolios, reporting and interaction between clients and firm


Online self-service transaction functionality matching the best e-commerce customer experience


Omnichannel, omni-device user experience platform

Client reporting and investment communications

Interaction between client and firm across all channels and devices via video-chat and screen sharing

Self-directed investment toolset matching the best customer experience

Smart technology to plan your retirement

Online prospect engagement & onboarding

Investment in goals and periodical re-alignment of investment strategy

Continuous user experience, available on any mobile device and format

Guaranteed integration to Objectway products and third party applications

Key Benefits

Enable high-speed interaction between client and firm across all channels and devices

Empower clients to take the active role they expect in the investment process

Access to real-time communication, documents and information from any location

Deliver game-changing capabilities to investment firms and their clients

Connects to customers and their digital lifestyle

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