Flexibility and Efficiency in Portfolio Management

Dynamic discretionary portfolio management responding to the most advanced needs of banks and asset management companies in terms of service to all customer segments, operational efficiency and risk management.

Business Capabilities


Up-to-date and real-time portfolio analysis, modelling, rebalancing, monitoring


Performance contribution and attribution, performance measurement and benchmarking


Online trading and order management, real-time connectivity and direct link to markets


Overview of portfolio performance, risk, asset allocations, holdings and transaction details


Managing investment compliance to address transparency, risk tolerance and regulatory issues


Position Keeping: flexible portfolio representations, real-time positions and exposures’ evaluation, risk and performance indicators, investment book of record for accurate investment decisions

Investment Modelling: multi strategy hierarchical models, unlimited personalised allocations, constraint checks available for models

Portfolio Rebalancing: efficient rebalancing to different models, buy/sell through objectives and rules, currency and market exposure hedging

Order Management & Trade Processing: trading desk workstation, official order and execution books

Performance attribution, risk-performance indicators

Compliance Monitoring: pre/post trade constraints checks, customised workflows and authorisations profiling, audit trail

Reporting for relationship managers, portfolio managers, clients and compliance

Key Benefits

Unlimited flexibility and configurability in order to adapt to customer segments and portfolio management policy

Maximum reactivity with real-time calculation

Management of all types of investment constraints, satisfying compliance requirements

High performance at competitive costs with the maximum operating efficiency and increment of back-office productivity

Rapid implementation of new products and services with a front-end easy to use

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