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Risk Driven Model Portfolios Management

Benefit from a robust methodological approach to efficiently generate model portfolios, eliminating operational errors and reducing processing time from minutes to seconds.

The Challenge

Our client is a major global insurance solutions provider present in more than 100 countries worldwide. For its growing Italian business, our client was looking for a solution to address some weaknesses in their current Unit Linked model portfolios management process. Vulnerabilities included a low level of consistency in the investment process, especially in relation to the decisions of the Investment Committee and a low level of automation with too many “time consuming” activities carried out by the portfolio management team.

The goal was to leverage a web-based platform to efficiently general model portfolios to:

  • Benefit from a robust methodological approach
  • Eliminate operational errors
  • Reduce processing time from minutes to seconds
  • Enable top management oversight
  • Streamline audit and inspection

The Objectway Solution

This solution delivered represented an evolution of the current approaches and methods supported by our market leader solution Objectway Portfolio Optimiser.It translates risk allocation into asset allocation, starting from the portfolio risk budget, the risk measures of its investment universe and a (optional) set of market views, thanks to algorithmic optimisation, streamlining the end-to-end investment process. In addition, it is capable of monitoring actual UL portfolios and to proactively raise alerts when rebalancing becomes necessary.

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