The commitment of all of us, the challenges we face together

The pandemic is putting financial sector’s resilience to the test, throwing us and our customers into a complex scenario ruled by uncertainty.

In times like these, it’s increasingly important to be strong, always connected and productive, adopting new models and leveraging forward looking technology to maintain leadership.

Our commitment is to support the continuity of our clients’ business, as an experienced partner to trust and lean on, assuring reliability and excellence to maximize performance and build an even better tomorrow.

How we cope with the COVID-19 situation

We adopted an integrated three phase approach to mitigate and address the impact of lockdown measures on our employees, clients and business: react to this exceptional situation, strengthen the digital offering, and seize opportunities to thrive in the ‘new normal’.


Across all of Objectway’s offices in Europe a business continuity plan was in place early and our dedicated executive committee ensured full support for our clients.


Our proposition has a digital core. We empowered our offering to let our clients build a complete digital environment for advisors, relationship managers and wealth managers in this exceptional situation, and for the future.


We automate, improve and digitise the way our clients work to create a competitive advantage to embrace their future challenges, while providing great performance today.


Thrive in the ‘new normal’

Seize the opportunities, deal with today and prepare for tomorrow.
We are entering into a fast-changing future, where the need for innovation is amplifying and these trends are rapidly converging, becoming more vital than ever. What have we learned to adapt to present and the future?


Seamless networking

Client portals, digital tools and a virtual environment meet the clients’ increased needs to work without barriers, staying in touch online in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way.


Intelligent automation

Exceptionally high volumes due to the current pandemic and the need of digital transactions can easily be managed with business process automation, providing significant benefits in terms of efficiency, reputation management and scalability.


Financial wellness

A “digital plus” advisor should communicate with clients in an authentically caring and confident way, to achieve balanced and sustainable financial wellness, thinking about their financial goals in the long term.


Future-proof business

Be prepared to more easily respond to future changes and create conditions for a new sustainable business. Simplify, scale, outsource and work closely with a strategic partner.