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Post-trade processes including settlement, clearing and record-keeping, to ensure efficient and accurate processing of securities transactions

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    Banking, Asset & Wealth Management Operation Solutions

    Securities Back Office

    Securities Back Office

    Increase efficiency and enable scalability with an international solution that meet securities back-office needs


    Cash and securities management

    Full control of cash management and securities inventory, account balances and expected movements, client payments (SWIFT / ISO2022), client deposits and interest, FX

    Trade Processing

    Trade capture from OMS platforms, trade enrichment, trade confirmations, transaction reporting

    Asset Servicing

    Nominee & designated custody, workflow of corporate action and dividend events processing, certificate/paper lifecycle management, management of tax efficient products, tax reclaims, subscriptions

    Fees, Commissions and Charges

    Client fees, commissions and charges calculation; scheduling, exclusions and overrides, invoice production

    Securities & Income Taxation

    What-If future liability analysis allows CGT implications in modelling and asset allocation processes, client reporting packs included

    Client and Compliance Reporting

    Client Statements, valuations, tax packs, invoices, confirmations. Generation of reports in the format required by local authorities, MiFID II, suitability

    Key benefit

    • Boost operational efficiency saving both time and the resources
    • Maximise productivity via seamless administration processes and STP
    • Cut transaction costs and increase competitiveness
    • Reduce operational risk and ensure compliance
    • Prepare reliable portfolio income and taxation reporting packs
    • Focus on your core competencies leveraging our full IT outsourcing capabilities

    Clearing & Settlement

    Clearing & Settlement

    Bring efficiency to the back-office with a flexible and agile global software solution



    Self-clearing or via links to clearing service providers such as CREST, SWIFT, Euroclear, Clearstream, Central Counterparties; trade enrichment based on smart Standing Settlement Instruction routing matrix


    Monitoring and updates of settlement status throughout the trade lifecycle; support of gross and net settlement, actual or contractual basis

    STP Exception Management

    Dashboard of settlement failures and workflow management; proactive alerts on difficulties, enquiry to identify need for depot realignments and/or stock borrow/lends

    Key benefit

    • Bring efficiency to the back-office without compromising quality
    • Cut transaction costs and increase competitiveness
    • Focus on the key client management tasks
    • Automate operational processes while enhancing service offering
    • Ensure maximum reliability

    Capital Gain Taxation

    Capital Gain Taxation

    Leverage the most accurate calculation of capital gains and allowable losses


    Securities Taxation

    Tax database compliant to CGT legislation for accurate calculation of chargeable gains and allowable losses

    What If Engine

    What-If future liability analysis allows CGT implications in modelling and asset allocation processes

    Income Processing

    Calculation of taxes on dividends, sales proceeds, interest earned, etc.

    Tax Reporting

    Preparation of end of year client reporting, portfolio income and taxation reporting packs

    Key benefit

    • Automate calculation and modelling of the chargeable gains and allowable losses
    • Prepare reliable portfolio income and taxation reporting packs
    • Consider accurate CGT implications in your modelling and asset allocation processes
    • Benefit from flexibility to configure according to specific business requirements
    • Deliver precise and trustworthy information to your customers

    Advisor Compensation and Audit

    Advisor Compensation and Audit

    Streamline and easy administrate revenues, compensation and compliance of your sales network with a centralised and error free billing process


    Sales Network Management

    Creation and configuration of a complex and heterogeneous sales structure with different hierarchy

    Online Commission Reporting

    Online fee & commission statements, detailed analysis of monthly commissions, download of related documents

    Fee & Commission Management

    Pay-in & pay-out management, fee calculation, incentives, bonus and commissions, invoices issue

    Incentive Programs & MBO

    Structured set of rules to manage rewards, incentives and MBO

    Audit Management

    Interception of sales atypical behaviours that could generate operational and reputational risks

    Compliance Reporting

    Detailed report by sale/agent, benchmarking analysis and global network risk trend

    Key benefit

    • Streamline your business process, minimising human interventions and reducing errors in commission process
    • Leverage a unique, centralised system for complete network management of your sales organisation
    • Benefit of a continuously updated platform to meet regulatory requirements and change in market needs
    • Intercept sales atypical behaviours which may affect firm’s reputation
    • Reduce customer complaints, operational, reputational and capital risk