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Merging banks: seamless operability safeguarding client experience

Client from 2005 – Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe is a leading German private bank currently managing more than €35bn in assets, providing dedicated, comprehensive advice, and developing personalised solutions for private and corporate clients.

With the completion of the technical migration, the most difficult milestone of the merger has been successfully completed and the foundation for the further development of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank has been laid.

After the legal merger of Hauck & Aufhäuser and Bankhaus Lampe, the new bank aimed at integrating a fragmented technical IT landscape on a common platform for a unique banking solution, ensuring both the data migration and the operational readiness of the new merged entity to be executed safeguarding the clients’ experience.

Objectway Banking Solution – already implemented at Hauck & Aufhäuser with high levels of client satisfaction – was enhanced to cater for Bankhaus Lampe specific products that in the future would also be offered by the new Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank.

The bank now provides “best of” private banking, corporate banking and asset management/asset servicing functionality within one integrated banking platform with long-term substantial cost reductions. Also, the reduced number of sub-systems allows for a seamless workflow of the back-office units of the merged banks.

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding performance of all project staff involved and of the great cooperation with our external partners.


Gordan Torbica

COO, Hauck, Aufhäuser & Lampe Privatbank.

Business Benefits

Enable full product offering of both banks on the new integrated platform

Ensure banks’ operability and minimised impact on clients during the migration

Benefit from high STP rate over all products

Achieve cost optimisation from platforms’ integration

Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe emerged from three equally traditional banking houses and today is one of Germany’s leading private banks operating for over 200 years and offering a range of banking services: wealth management, investment banking, and asset management to private clients, family offices, and institutional investors and providing customers with extensive support and performance.