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FEB 27, 2023

A glimpse at our Conference OWIN23

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The countdown to OWIN23 has already started and we are now just a few weeks away Objectway’s International Customer Conference. We said a lot, but a lot more is still to be revealed. If you missed the first four episodes of our Podcast Series exclusively dedicated to OWIN23, you better make it up to them! Meanwhile, enjoy a quick view at the main themes and topics.

Objectway Sustainable Vision of the Future

Luigi Marciano, Objectway Founder and Group CEO opens the Podcast Series introducing the new edition of our iconic International Customer Conference, with a focus on Objectway Sustainable Vision of the future. Sustainable Business Innovation is going to be at the very heart of OWIN23, he states. It means adapting and evolving to meet changing customer needs, mastering unpredictable circumstances, and staying competitive in a rapidly changing market, all while having a positive impact on business, society, and the environment. This is our vision.

In this context, the use of resources, the direction of investment and technological development, and institutional change are all developed with a consistent and holistic vision of the current and future needs and requirements of all stakeholders, which is the key to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

If we think from this perspective to our business, we are talking about Wealth Democratization, embedding sustainability criteria into Investing Decision Support, developing upskilling programmes to enable more humanization in the client relationship.

OWIN23 will be held, in person, in the city of Venice, the oldest city of the future. Venice serves as a symbol of long-term sustainable growth and agility, capable of adapting to changing conditions and overcoming obstacles in a sustainable and resilient way. We chose it as a metaphor for positive energy flows, which inspire innovation and seamless transitions through integration and fluidity.

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Trends & key Themes in Sustainable Innovation in Wealth

Meet Roger Portnoy, Chief Strategy Advisor for Objectway, for the second episode of the series, as he covers some key trends and themes in wealth management, and particularly the role of sustainable innovation in the client experience. This will be a major area of focus in our upcoming summit in Venice in April and represents an important evolution in the way that Objectway and its clients will seek to utilize emerging technologies and new business models to deliver great outcomes for advisors, relationship bankers, and end clients in 2023 and beyond.

Roger predicts that in 2023, there will be a continued convergence of sustainability and emerging technology innovation in wealth management. This will result in investment and strategic focus on client-focused and holistic technology and service innovations that use cognitive services and are commonly deployed within the cloud. The outcomes of these innovations will reshape digital advice, support personalization in investment solution design, and reduce costs and friction through the use of embedded apps.

There will be further investment in personalized investment solutions and decision support tools that can adjust to client vulnerabilities, sustainability preferences, and financial literacy levels, leading to a continued evolution of the hybrid advisory model and the use of client-facing technologies to achieve it. The client portal will play an increasing role in this process, providing a secure way for firms to collaborate with clients and their trusted advisors. 2023 promises to be a significant year for the evolution of the front office in wealth management, with the potential to not only improve client satisfaction but also the economic and social outcomes for both the firm and each individual that it serves. We look forward to discuss all this through together at our customer conference.

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Building Stronger Relationships: The Value of Customer Conferences for Business Development

As the countdown goes on, Dr. Alexander Cassar, Chief Business Operation Officer at Objectway speaks of client relationships at the core of Objectway’s business development approach, grounded, he says, in three imperatives.

First, Business Development is not a synonym for Sales, covering a much wider range of competencies and actions leading to growth. From market needs awareness and new markets exploration, to addressing customer issues for mutual best outcomes.

Second, the keyword is Partnership; when client-centric vendors look deeper and do everything in the clients’ best interest, clients recognise that their vendor’s prosperity and entire life depends on this relationship, and progressive clients make an effort to address vendor concerns, rather than ask for offers and simply accept or reject them.

Development and delivery of solutions becomes a collaborative endeavour, whereby both client and vendor respect, recognise and try to maximise the outcomes for the other party. Some of the most successful long-term relationships in the industry are built on such principles, and Objectway has elevated the Client Partnership strategy to a main approach and business model.

Finally, the ultimate key to success lies in harnessing the magic of customer conferences as unique opportunities to exchange experiences and information with peers, to network and have a bit of fun.

All this and much more is what OWIN23 is going to be.

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Sustainable Innovation: Why it matters

The journey to OWIN23 continues. For the fourth episode of our podcast, It’s Alberto Cuccu speaking, Chief Solution Officer at Objectway. He starts with a clear statement, that is the financial services are continuously evolving and reshaping. The way we think about financial services – the future is all about conscious services or conscious banking – the way financial services will be delivered – where & when clients need it; the value chain is becoming more integrated – we are witnessing the convergence of Wealth Management, Banking, and Asset Servicing, and sustainability has become a priority.

In such a scenario those that will be able to deliver such sustainable innovation are destined to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our framework at Objectway is based on the consolidated concept of the Innovation Diamond, defined by 3 Dimensions. Along these dimensions business innovation will be introduced:

  • Customer Experience: The client experience and the focus on creating and maintaining conscious relationships. Delivering an operating model aligned to client lifecycle management.
  • Business Configuration: or re-configuration. Business operating model evolution, to enhance scalability, while also reducing cost via automation and standardization in business process design.
  • Offering Evolution: focusing on personalization and implementing investment and communication solutions that cater to on-demand/omni-channel dialogue and fulfilment to achieve client objective.

These 3 innovation dimensions should be all driven and overlaid by the design concept of sustainability. We’ll listen to the voice of the market through panel discussions and clients’ stories to delve into each of the three themes.

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