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Building stronger relationships: the value of customer conferences for business development

Alexander Cassar

Objectway Chief Business Operation Officer


We all know business growth doesn’t happen overnight and building stronger relationships is a marketing key and vital.

Relationships over time build trust which in turn leads to loyalty. In our industry, this enables wealth managers to better understand clients’ goals, risk appetite and investment preferences. Essentially, it sets the foundation for lasting relationships.

Client relationships are at the core of our business development approach at Objectway grounded in the following three imperatives:

1. First, Business Development is not a synonym for sales

Nowadays many business people are easily swapping between Sales and Business Development, as if they are synonyms, without giving it much thought. In reality they are very different: while Business Development can include selling activity and transactions, it covers a much wider range of competencies and actions leading to growth.

2. Second, the keyword is partnership

Traditionally in the context of Sales, relationships have been always viewed as client- vendor (or buyer-seller) affairs. Once we see the bigger picture of Business Development, it becomes clear that there is much more to that relationship than just buying and selling.

Client-centric vendors look deeper and do everything in the clients’ best interest: investing into insight and learning about clients’ challenges and objectives, developing relevant solutions, and delivering competitively within a client-suitable timeframe and budget.

Development and delivery of solutions becomes a collaborative endeavour, whereby both client and vendor respect, recognise and try to maximise the outcomes for the other party. Some of the most successful long-term relationships in the industry are built on such principles, and Objectway has elevated the Client Partnership strategy to a main approach and business model.

3. Finally, the ultimate key to success lies in harnessing the magic of customer conferences.

Such events provide unique opportunities to meet people under one roof. This is priceless and there are a number of reasons for this.

  • Conferences provide the opportunity to address multiple participants altogether, one by one, or in small groups;
  • Content and messages can be tailored for the participants and their needs;
  • Participants can absorb a lot more information, as they are away from their daily routines;
  • What’s more, participants can exchange experiences and information with their peers as well as networking;
  • Last but not least, there’s the fun element to be had from such gatherings.

All this and much more is what OWIN23 is going to be. We look forward to meeting you there!