Mass Customisation: A Tale of Saving Work

By Objectway

Reading time: 2 min


We have already explained how our mass customisation solution can assist in saving time. A truly efficient advisor should see five clients a day, five days a week. The reality is that this pace is unsustainable and would be helped by a solution reducing time needed to manage each customer, delivering the same, or better quality.

However, it is clear that saving work is also a need and that the quality of the relationship with the customer has to improve. A time saving stifled by too much bureaucracy and the difficulty of delivering truly optimised proposals brings less value than it should. This is why we have dedicated many people and lines of code to saving work (without sacrificing optimisation and customisation), in our new Mass Customisation.

Mass Customisation Through Iteration

It takes between thirty and sixty minutes for an advisor to put together a good proposal for a client. What about ten customers? Or fifty? Obviously a leap in productivity is needed. Mass Customisation generates prepackaged proposals for any number of customers, in a few seconds or a few minutes. The generated proposals are made available to the advisor as soon as they are ready.

The advisor is free to use the proposals without changes, since they are also MIFID II compliant. But more can be done! The advisor can fine-tune specific proposals and send feedback to the central system in a matter of minutes. The central system gets the feedback and adjusts the proposal. The advisor now works on a refined and tailor-made proposal, all thanks to the product’s ability to manage customer characteristics and six major families of constraints, which it can submit to the customer.

Second Level Feedback

Is it necessary to meet the client in person, a circumstance that requires both commitment and organisation? Why not? But it is also possible to activate web collaboration, in real time – talk to each other and see each other, ignoring distance – or asynchronously, by sending a message that the customer can read at his convenience.

The customer may accept the proposal, or request changes. The system and the advisor are informed of customer feedback; Mass Customisation incorporates the changes and generates a new proposal, increasingly optimised and closer to the definitive one, if not final already.

Mass Customisation Puts the Advisor at the Center of the Relationship with the Customer

Mass Customisation manages the entire life cycle of the portfolio proposal. The advisor resets or minimises the effort of generating the proposals; remains at the centre of feedback between customer and system, and oversees the customisation and the effectiveness of the proposal with a lightness of effort and a speed never seen before, focusing on the real management of the relationship while leaving activities that may be automated to, well, automation.

Thus, the advisor becomes more relevant than ever in the proposal life cycle and in the relationship with the client. But he or she is also relieved of much of the effort that they must face today in order to maintain the desired level of performance.