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Webinar series

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James Brown | Compeer

The Wealth Management Firm of 2025

The webinar focuses on the results of the exclusive report “The Wealth Management firm of 2025”.
Attend the webinar to understand the key issues firms are currently facing, where improvements are required and how the Wealth Mangers believe the industry will adapt and evolve over the next five years, thereby forming an image of the Wealth Management firm of 2025.

23 April
28 May

Keith MacDonald | EY

Give your Clients a Superior Digital Wealth Experience

Conectus is the omnichannel, omni-device user experience platform supporting digital engagement and collaboration between investors and advisors. Designed specifically for the wealth and investment services segment, it gives a superior digital customer & advisor experience through a Portal and high touch native Apps. The webinar explores every new feature of Conectus for Investor & Advisor and native Apps.

7 May
18 June


Creating Digital Alpha: End-to-End Hybrid Advisory

The webinar will be discussing how traditional boundaries of financial services are changing and why today’s customers do not evaluate an advisory service only in terms of alpha investment performance, but they are strongly influenced by a number of other elements that belong to the new digital alpha, such as, solid investment strategies, advisor’s efficiency and relationship management.

14 May
11 June

Vladimir Dimitroff | Synpulse

Are you really engaging with your clients?

Practical Engagement Strategies for Wealth Managers: engaged clients are more loyal and they represent a referral source, open to new propositions and to your advice.
This webinar provides the best practices for an effective client engagement strategy, with a deeper focus on engagement in the early stages of client lifecycle management (i.e. paperless on-boarding).
Compare your own experiences, or use the learning to trigger new initiatives!

04 June
09 July

The sessions are reserved for financial institutions only.