Wealth Management the yearly review 2021

22 June 2021
Learn about Inefficient IT and Operations, what is hyper personalisation, and mitigate touchpoints vulnerability against FAANGS

Senior Leaders Forum ESG with Compeer- 9 June

4 June 2021
Understand how UK wealth management firms can deal with the opportunities and challenges associated with ESG investing.

WM Summit Wien – 8 June

31 May 2021
Objectway sponsors the WM Summit 2021 in Wien, organised by WM Gruppe - the meeting to discuss the future of banking.

Unlock your Business Growth with Hyper-Personalisation – 15 June

28 May 2021
Learn how to match traditional channel conversion of more than 80% in a digital setting

Smart technology drives smart transformation

6 October 2020
How to apply algorithms and AI for empowering human governance, driving investment decisions, and reducing risk exposure.

The Wealth Management Firm of 2025 – Join the Webinar!

27 March 2020
Don’t miss the first session, co-presented with Compeer, focusing on the results of the exclusive report “The Wealth Management firm of 2025”.

Are you really engaging with your clients?

27 March 2020
Engagement Strategies for Wealth Managers: engaged clients are more loyal and they represent a referral source, open to new propositions and to your advice.

Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2020

28 February 2020
Focus on digital tools and process to meet cross generational needs, tailored to the nature of your Financial Advisory firm and your customers as Investors

Breakfast Briefing “The wealth management firm of 2025”

4 February 2020
During the briefing we will share the trends emerging from interviews to UK’s largest wealth and discretionary investment managers

System in the City Fintech Directory & Review 2019

22 November 2019
Discuss the current state of the financial technologies and solutions market.