DEC 24, 2021

Let’s Build the Opportunities of the Future in The Next Normal, Together

Luigi Marciano

Founder & CEO Group

Reading time: 2 min


2021 has been the year of transition and adaptation to extraordinary circumstances. Still, we have not yet reached the finish line of this journey as Covid-19 waves keep challenging the way we live and do business, with an impact scale that has never been experienced. We expect this transition to continue in 2022.

The transformation the world has been going through has indeed spared none. It has inevitably changed how people work, it has forced leaders to question how they influence, it has modified customers’ behaviours and preferences – probably for good – it has altered how industries function and revised what constitutes performance.

Ultimately, it is driving the world to a “normal” that is definitely different compared to the one we were used to: a New Normal.

We are busy and committed to face these challenges, being aware that the next normal could offer an invaluable opportunity to ride the wave of change, to chase development and to embrace these new ways, of working, leading, engaging with clients and running our business.

Thinking beyond crisis, it originated the “perfect storm” to invest in new pillars of growth to pivot towards a brighter future and flourish in the long term.

Off the beaten tracks and always beyond

To build the future, it is essential to image it. And what’s the mistake we make when thinking about future? We sometimes go too far. For me, it is necessary to extent our vision beyond imagining a distant future, but rather focusing on tangible scenarios.

All of us, decision makers, leaders, technology professionals, teachers, students, researchers, technicians and entrepreneurs, we join together to explore the role of technology – AI, machine learning, automation, big data and many others – to support and build a technology ecosystem that ignites growth.

This sense of reinvention lies in the DNA of our company, so what when going gets tough, we thrive, change and adapt to new conditions. As a compass, we adjust and redesign our moves according to the obstacles we progressively face.

This year, Objectway’s journey was dotted with meaningful milestones.

Digitalisation was at the forefront; we accelerated digital customers solutions, we built digital client relationships, we leveraged on digital interactions and delivered projects and services to our clients always raising the bar on innovation and efficiency.

We united into a hybrid workforce where people are engaged and work in a safe, flexible environment, we promoted remote collaboration tools and invested in new talents to embark on this journey of ours. We navigated the new normal – rather that being shaken by it – both as a company and as individuals.

The most important of them all grabbed the headlines in august, when DIE Software officially joined the Objectway Group via the first digital acquisition. This acquisition generates many opportunities; not only it complements and strengthens our offering but also broadens our prestige all the way to the whole of the European market.

A lot happened and none of us actually knows what the future holds, but if there is something we do for sure is that Objectway will never stop setting up new methods, practices and initiatives. With 2022 coming, we will continue to empower our clients and our organisation to face the next challenge, we’ll always break new barriers and enhance our vison beyond the known horizons.

Of a final note, I wish to personally thank all of you who trusted Objectway this year, from our clients to our people, from old-timers to newcomers. Thanks for trusting us! Now, let’s move towards 2022.