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Managing the day-to-day operations of a bank, including bank accounts, cash, loans and providing customer service and support

    Current Accounts

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    Current Accounts

    Use an efficient workflow to set up client accounts with personalised conditions, generate any type of statement periodically or on request, provide detailed balance and account entry information and service clients with modern cash pooling functionalities. Support of card management and safe deposit boxes (lockboxes)


    Account Master Data

    Efficient workflow from account number reservation with automatic IBAN calculation to account opening – manual or automatic on first use based on reference account — with flexible handling of special cases such as blocking

    Real-Time Balances and Statements

    Real-time balances by value date, booking date, trade date, clearing date incl. projected future balances for client and bank liquidity management – available through rest services to all other applications. Drill down on every entry. Also, flexible way to create statements for the clients

    Interest & Fees

    Interest and fee calculation (real-time and at closing dates) based on a highly flexible fee and interest model. Integration into tax module and accounting e.g. with daily accruals

    Card Management

    Flexible management of debit and credit cards including interfaces to issuers

    Lock Boxes (Safe Deposit Box)

    Clients can rent a lock box. Users gain overview over rentals, available boxes, fees charged and visits

    Cashpooling & Reconciliation

    Cashpooling and automatic currency conversion, integrated nostro and internal account reconciliation

    Key Benefits

    • Support full-featured current account operations at scale
    • Support the business and manage risk through real time control and forecasts of liquidity
    • Get real-time control of interests and fees via online calculations and daily accruals
    • Reduce manual work thanks to cashpooling, automatic currency conversion and integrated nostro reconciliation

    Credit & Loans

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    Credit & Loans

    Record credit applications and transform them seamlessly into structured loans data, administer a wide range of structured limits and fees. Managing collateral, lombard loans, syndicated loans, trading limits and more. Monitor overdrafts and collaterals, provisions and reserves, and regulatory reporting


    Credit Applications and Approval

    Recording of credit application, integrate into an approval workflow and then automatically generate the loans data needed for administration. Produce necessary pre-contractual information for consumer loans

    Loan Administration

    Administration of credit master data including limits and drawdowns. Automatic handling of participants e.g. on syndicated loans. Fully flexible fee and commission calculation incl. kick-backs

    Collateral Administration

    All types of collateral -e.g. real estate or insurance policies – can be managed. Of course, also individual securities or whole safe custody depots, cash accounts or deposits can be pledged, and will be considered with the appropriate haircuts and concentration risk deductions. Collateral can be linked to loans in a highly flexible data model

    Overdraft Management, Provisions, Reporting and Accounting

    An integrated workflow allows for an efficient monitoring of all overdrafts and collateral shortfalls. Reserves and provisions can be administered and booked

    Key Benefits

    • Customize the credit application process to suit your approval processes
    • Give flexibility to your business with a fine-grained administration of credit master data including limits, drawdowns, collaterals and fees
    • Monitor credit risk and compliance by effectively managing the entire lifecycle of consumer loans
    • Process loans with high automation, in a cost-effective manner and with reduced risk

    FX & Treasury

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    FX & Treasury

    Continuous STP trade and post-trade processing with real-time position keeping and analysis, supporting a seamless treasury workflow and online monitoring


    Order Entry, Trading and Realtime Position Management

    Trade workflow for client advisors and trading desk for FX, Precious metals, MM, FX Options and interest rate derivatives (IRS, CRS, FRA, Interest rate Options), interfaces to quote and dealing systems (Reuters, UBS, 360T), Realtime position keeping in a flexible portfolio structure


    Settlement and payment process including bilateral and multilateral netting, realtime production of advices, matching of counterconfirmations

    Risk and Regulatory

    Realtime counterparty limits ; risk monitoring and Regulatory reporting

    Key Benefits

    • Enable the capture of all kinds of FX and MM trades
    • Meet all operations requirements with real-time post-trade processing covering the entire trade lifecycle
    • Stay in control with real-time analysis and monitoring of positions and counterparties

    Cash & Payments

    Objectway Platform Cash and Payments icon

    Cash & Payments

    Seamless integration into the loans and treasury system provides for efficient workflows, while the payments system supports STP prcoesses for for international and RTGS payments and full SEPA payment and direct debit functionality. Also fully supports the cash desk


    Cash Desk

    Allowing for efficient cash service to the clients

    Payment Master Data and Automation

    Management of client payments is automised by a highly flexible fees engine, rich standing order functionality and the full integration into the central loans/limits system and client output management. FX positions are seamlessly managed by the integration into the treasury system. These components together with the complete BIC/TARGET master data enriched by SSIs are the basis of high STP rates

    International Payments

    Full support of SWIFT MT and MX payments completely adhering to SWIFT CBPR standards provides the assurance that all client payments are handled efficiently and fully compliant with industry best-practices


    State-of-the Art processing of Target2 messages

    SEPA Mass/Instant Payments and Direct Debits

    Full support of SEPA payments, Sepa B2C and B2B direct debits, cheque and card clearing, and instant payments

    UK Payments

    Both CHAPS and BACS are fully supported

    Sanctions List, AML and Regulatory Compliance

    Full assurance of compliance via interfaces to specialist systems

    Key Benefits

    • Increase payments precision with online availability checks, up-to-date rates and standing settlement instructions
    • Process large volumes of payments in a cost-efficient manner with highly automated processing
    • Extend support to your clients’ payment needs of with full SEPA SWIFT and local payments functionality and connectivity