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Managing the day-to-day operations of a bank, including bank accounts, cash, loans and providing customer service and support

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    Banking, Asset & Wealth Management Operation Solutions



    Enable high-speed, full STP processing from order to exchange to settlement and clearing, with an omni-channel, cross-border solution that is the most complete in terms of functionality


    Order Handling and Routing

    Ex-Ante order checks and cost transparency, straight through order routing to brokers and exchanges

    Trade Processing

    Settlement of share, bond and fund trades, ETDs, repos, lendings with real-time production of postings, instructions, payments, confirmations

    Clearing & Settlement

    Trade settlement including all interfaces and reconciliation with custodians e.g. to Clearstream, Crest, global custodians

    Asset Servicing

    Corporate actions, dividends and Annual General Meetings

    Fees, Commissions & Charges

    Rule-based calculation of fees, commissions and charges on transactions and holdings

    Client Reporting

    Client positions and own holdings / trading books (including cost price and revaluation), safe custody account statements

    Compliance Reporting

    MiFID Pre Trade/Post Trade Transparency and target market compliance; MIFIR, EMIR, CSDR, SFTR reporting

    Key Benefits

    • Full support of financial institution order management policies
    • Reduce costs through straight through processing in order management
    • Cover all stages of post trade processing
    • Install production-ready settlement processes with all main custodians
    • Automate management of Corporate Actions supporting any client request
    • Optimize revenue management through flexible calculation of fees and charges
    • Improve compliance processes by adopting a solution that covers all regulatory reporting needs

    Finance & Controlling

    Finance & Controlling

    Freely define account structure, chart of accounts and booking rules; process several balance sheets in detailed or condensed form and generate any report


    Booking Engine

    Freely configurable account structure and chart of accounts, freely configurable booking rules

    General Ledger

    Multicurrency with different balance sheet structures (local GAAP, IFRS), account statements, profit centers and profit center/cost allocations


    Balance sheets by categories such as branch or currency, consolidation of companies, profit and cost centers and income per client

    Key benefit

    • Be free to design your booking account structure and rules to fit your business needs
    • Pick the balance sheet structures and management control policies that best serve your business
    • Obtain valuable business insights from the flexibility of financial reporting structures

    Credit Loans

    Credit Loans

    Record credit applications and structured loans data, administer a wide range of structured limits and fees. Managing collateral, Lombard loans, syndicated loans, trading limits and more, monitor overdrafts


    Credit Approval

    Recording of credit application and approval process for overdrafts

    Loan Administration

    Administration of credit master data including limits, drawdowns, collateral; automatic fee and commission calculation incl. kick-backs

    Consumer Loans

    Consumer loans information (e.g. calculation of effective rate), overdraft approval and monitoring of overdue items

    Credit & Loans Processing

    Automatic accruals of interest, fees, agio/disagio etc,, administration of reserves, value adjustments etc., realtime production of postings, payments, confirmations

    Key benefit

    • Customize the credit application process to suit your approval processes
    • Give flexibility to your business with a fine-grained administration of credit master data including limits, drawdowns, collaterals and fees.
    • Monitor credit risk and compliance by effectively managing the entire lifecycle of consumer loans
    • Process loans with high automation, in a cost-effective manner and with reduced risk

    Current Accounts

    Current Accounts

    Model any personalise customer conditions, generate any type of statement periodically or on request, preserve link between account entries and original transactions


    Account Master Data Administration

    Account master data administration, including IBAN calculation, standard and individual conditions for interest incl. tiered interest and negative interest and various types of fees; flexible administration of blocking codes

    Real-time Balances

    Realtime balances by value date, booking date, trade date, clearing date incl. projected future balances for client and bank liquidity management – available through rest services to all other applications

    Interest and Fees

    Interest and fee calculation (real-time and at closing dates) and daily accruals

    Cashpooling and Reconciliation

    Structured set of rules to manage rewards, incentives and MBO

    Key benefit

    • Support full-featured current account operations at scale
    • Support the business and manage risk through real time control and forecasts of liquidity
    • Get real-time control of interests and fees via online calculations and daily accruals
    • Reduce manual work thanks to cashpooling, automatic currency conversion and integrated nostro reconciliation

    FX & Treasury

    FX & Treasury

    Continuous STP trade and post-trade processing with real time position keeping and analysis, supporting a seamless treasury workflow and online monitoring


    Trading and Trade Capture

    Direct input of FX, MM, Options and interest rate derivatives and interfaces to dealing systems (Reuters, UBS, 360T),

    Post-trade Processing

    Realtime production of postings, payments, confirmations; confirmation matching, settlement incl. CLS and bilateral netting, revaluation of deals; EMIR and MIFIR reporting

    Position Keeping and Analysis

    Realtime keeping and analysis of positions per currency and currency pair, date/time bucket, interest rate risk positions, P/L per dealer and profit center


    Online monitoring of counterparty and position limits

    Key benefit

    • Enable the capture of all kinds of FX and MM trades
    • Meet all operations requirements with real-time post-trade processing covering the entire trade lifecycle
    • Stay in control with real-time analysis and monitoring of positions and counterparties



    Full and automatic tax calculation and tax reporting to clients and authorities, according to the tax regulations of several European countries, including full support of German Abgeltungssteuer and Austrian Kest.


    Product Taxation

    Full and automatic tax calculation for all products according to the relevant tax regulations, including calculation of Tax lots, FIFO (“Verbrauchsfolge”), LIFO, consideration of all kinds corporate actions for taxation

    Client Taxation

    Administration of tax exemptions (e.g. German FSA, NV) and tax balances (e.g. accumulated losses), classification of clients (e.g. private, different types of corporations, foundations, charities etc.)

    Country-specific Tax reclaims

    Country specific tax tables incl. double taxation agreements, automatic tax reclaim for the following countries: BE*, CH*, DK, FR*, IT, IR, NO, AT, SP*

    Tax Reporting

    Regulatory tax reporting for clients, e.g. individual and yearly tax vouchers (e.g. German Jahressteuerbeschinigung and Erträgnisaufstellung); reporting to authorities, e.g. FATCA, CRS

    Key benefit

    • Reduce risk of tax compliance via full and automatic tax calculations for all products and types of corporate actions
    • Fully support your clients via full administration of tax exemptions and tax balances for private clients or businesses
    • Expand your operations via country-specific tax calculations and reclaims
    • Satisfy clients’ tax reporting needs with a trusted tax reporting solution

    Cash & Payments

    Cash & Payments

    Automate payment processing, full SEPA payment functionality including mandates and B2B direct debits, connectivity to SWIFT and local payment systems


    Payment Processing

    Seamless integration into loans and limit system for availability checks and into treasury system for FX rates; own competence rules within payment system and high automation using SSIs

    Payment Automation

    Automatic processing of incoming and outgoing payments, automatic processing of standing orders, automatic fee calculation

    Payment Functionality

    Full SEPA-Functionality including mandates and B2B-direct debit; Cash desk; SWIFT payments, local payments

    Payment Connectivity

    Connectivity to SWIFT MT and MX and local payment systems (Target2, SEPA, BACS, SIC, EUROSIC etc.), client connectivity via SWIFT / SEPA / DTAZV

    Key benefit

    • Increase payments precision with online availability checks, up-to-date rates and standing settlement instructions
    • Process large volumes of payments in a cost-efficient manner with highlly automated processing
    • Extend support to your clients’ payment needs of with full SEPA SWIFT and local payments functionality and connectivity

    Regulatory & Transaction Reporting

    Regulatory & Transaction Reporting

    Produce all statistics reports for regulatory authorities, transaction reporting directly to transaction register or regulatory hub


    Data Export

    Provides all required data to the interfaces of the reporting system (e.g. BAIS or Abacus for Germany, WKFS for Luxembourg)

    Report Production

    Direct production of various reports for German authorities, e.g. Securities Holdings statistics (Wertpapierinvestmentstatistik / Depotstatistik), AWV reporting, payment transactions statistic, deposit insurance reporting

    Transaction Reporting

    Transaction reporting directly to the transaction register or regulatory hub, including results processing: EMIR, MIFIR, CSDR, SFTR

    Key benefit

    • Satisfy any regulatory reporting need via flexible data export, preconfigured for country-specific requirements
    • Ensure regulatory reporting compliance with direct production of requested reports
    • Instantly acquire out-of-the-box compliance with transaction reporting