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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Delegating day-to-day management of investment portfolio to the professional, giving discretion to buy or sell securities based on expertise and the agreed-upon investment objectives

    Portfolio Management

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    Deliver performance through a holistic closed-loop portfolio management process and a perfect investment strategy execution


    Portfolio Management

    Real-time portfolio analysis (single and customer list), alerting, modelling, rebalancing (single and bulk) and monitoring

    Performance Management

    Performance analysis contribution and attribution, performance measurement and benchmarking

    What-if Simulations

    What-if analytics on expected return, absolute and relative risk, drawdown, back and forward testing on proposed rebalancing to support decision making

    Investment Compliance

    Managing investment compliance pre and post trade to address transparency, risk tolerance and regulatory issues, with active alerts and dashboarding

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce costs to deliver increased front-office efficiencies
    • Guarantee pro-active compliance by monitoring portfolios and business rules in accordance with the latest regulations
    • Manage risk exposure and volatility effectively and proactively
    • Optimise returns and increase profitability
    • Provide consistent reporting and attribution of performance to clients

    Order Management

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    Manage multi portfolio order generation for all type of orders with real-time connectivity and integration with market dealers


    Dealing Desk

    Order workflow management with multi portfolio order generation, allocation, merging

    Order Limits

    Managing all type of orders, restrictions and market limits

    Connectivity to Markets

    Real-time order connectivity through FIX/FIXML/RSP integration with market dealers

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce costs by handling large volumes of orders automatically via STP
    • Fully support the business model of the financial institution by adapting to its internal management and partner interaction requirements
    • Cover any client requirement in terms of orders and markets