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WealthTech 2024 Annual Report

Roger Portnoy, Objectway Chief Strategy Officer, explores the positive connection between AI and explainability through multiple use cases to enable banks, wealth and asset managers to harness opportunities and operationalise AI effectively.

Today, the adoption of AI in the wealth management industry is driven by opposing forces: the benefits in terms of improved profitability, business operations and client outcomes, the need for wealth managers to explain and document how an investment decision was reached, to maintain compliance with both regulations and client expectations.

Considering this, explainability emerges as the key to get the desired outcomes related to audit process and client behaviour prediction. To that end, Objectway has developed an innovative customer churn prediction system which is at the forefront in the field of studying and applying AI models to real business use cases.


    Roger Portnoy, Objectway Chief Strategy Officer, runs through use cases of AI and explains how explainability works.
    Objectway features latest The Wealth Mosaic WealthTech 2024 Annual Report. Download now and get useful insights on AI future applications.