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Leveraging Centralized Cloud Mifid II Advisory

Leveraging a fully integrated Client Lifecycle Management solution, to increase front-office productivity, improving wealth retention strategy and focus on high value tasks to enable a significant growth.

The Challenge

novobanco is one of the largest banks in Portugal and was looking for a partner able to support its investment processes with the best financial advisory experience.

In particular, the aim was defining investment strategies and proposing personalized recommendations based on customer needs, such as appetite for risk and life goals, according to the bank’s view and MiFID II regulatory, through a single integrated platform providing a holistic view of the client’s total wealth through advanced portfolio diagnosis, monitoring and hybrid portfolio rebalancing.

Key strategic priorities included:

  • Delivering an advanced financial advisory experience
  • Enable advisors to leverage a centralized and structured investment tool to generate personalized investment proposals
  • Building a scalable and flexible solution for sustainable long-term growth in wealth & investment management

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    Objectway and Novobanco Case Study Front Page highlighting how we delivered and advanced experience to improve investment services
    Objectway and Novobanco Case Stud Cover Leveraging centralized cloud MiFID II Advisory