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survey report

How advanced is your digital customer experience

This survey, completed by Wealth & Investment Managers, aims to outline the recent CX trends and how to reap the benefits.

The scope
Over the past five years organizations have shifted their focus from the back-end engines and compliance to developing a compelling digital customer experience (CX) to both retain existing clients and attract new ones.

Recent researches and also this report, state that digital tools can improve the overall experience when deployed correctly, so this makes CX a critical competitive differentiator in 2023 and beyond.

At the same time, customer experience is a constant process that requires attention and effort in various areas, with the final goal to make the customer a loyal advocate of the firm’s services.

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    Objectway Survey Report Front Page showing a bar graph to present recent Customer Experience trends and how to reap the benefits
    Objectway Survey Report Cover How Advanced is your Digital Customer Experience