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Fund Administration

Managing the daily operations of investment funds, including depositary bank support, NAV calculation and transfer agent

    Mutual Fund Administration

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    Mutual Fund

    Cover all back office needs of a fund manager or outsourcer, through the accounting of mutual funds, share price calculation (Net Asset Value), control of regulatory constraints and fund rules


    NAV Calculation

    Fund accounting, asset valuation, preparation of fund balance sheet, reporting

    NAV Oversight

    Full audit of fund assets for asset managers who outsource their fund administration, in compliance to UCITS V requirements and guidelines

    Limits Control

    Ex-post regulatory controls, contractual limits, including exposure to derivative products, market or counterparty risk

    Financial Instruments

    Administrative management of financial products and corporate actions

    Regulatory Reporting

    Reports required by Regulatory Authorities


    Reconciliation related to mutual funds, covering all specific needs of Asset managers, Brokers and Depositary Banks

    Business Process as a Service

    • Administrative management of assets
    • Asset valuation
    • Management of Corporate Actions
    • NAV calculation and control
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Ex-post check of investment limits
    • NAV check ex Depositary bank
    • Daily reconciliations of fund account balances with Depositary Banks

    Key Benefits

    • Customize the application flexibly based on your operating model, supported by a wide range of parameters
    • Take advantage of tranquil management of numerous online checks and over a hundred checks before NAV accounting
    • Ensure compliance to regulatory and contractual requirements
    • Benefit from a well-established application used by a large customer base
    • Avoid onerous manual control tasks by automating controls and tallies both within the same accounting statement and across multiple accounting statements

    Alternative Fund Administration

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    Alternative Fund

    Manage the complexities of Real Estate, Private Equity and Credit Funds with flexible, digital end-to-end solutions


    Transfer Agent

    Manage fund participants with maximum flexibility and in compliance to regulations

    Front Office

    Manage the fund investment portfolio efficiently and in full compliance

    Fund and ManCo Accounting

    Comprehensive, flexible accounting for alternative funds and asset management companies

    Regulatory Reporting

    Managing regulatory reports for Bank of Italy and Consob, with specifics for Real Estate funds

    Business Process as a Service

    • Management of fund participants, registry keeping and communications to participants
    • Full accounting management, dealing with property manager and credit/lending platforms
    • NAV calculation according to regulatory specifications
    • Customized balance sheet reclassifications
    • Investor reporting
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Preparation of tax and VAT declaration reports
    • Interfacing with depositary banks and support to company audit firms

    Key Benefits

    • Take advantage of comprehensive functional coverage of the entire administrative process of alternative funds
    • Get full integration between operations, administration and accounting
    • Benefit from the many years of industry experience of the development and support team
    • Ensure compliance with Italian law (Bank of Italy, Consob, Covip), European legislation (UCITS IV, EMIR, CRS) and FATCA

    Transfer Agent

    Objectway Transfer Agent icon


    Manage investment fund participation with maximum flexibility and in compliance to regulations


    Onboarding and AML/KYC

    Managing fund participants and other related parties in full compliance to AML, MiFID, etc

    Import of Transactions

    Import of client transactions sent by distributors or generated by recurrent plans and corporate actions

    Valuation and Accounting

    Simulation of units valuation, valuation of client transactions, calculation of fees, commissions and rebates, taxes


    Exchange of data with depositary banks to regulate transfers of cash and ownership, communication of outcome to distrbutors


    Regulatory reporting, internal reporting, client reporting

    Business Process as a Service

    • Receiving and diagnosing customer disposition flows from distributors
    • Uploading of customer orders to the system
    • Valuation and accounting of fund participant accounts
    • Administrative and fiscal management of fund participant accounts
    • Managing of corporate actions on fund participant accounts
    • Managing post-trade & settlement process
    • Reconciliations of outstanding fund shares
    • Reconciliations of UCITS inflow cash accounts
    • Reporting to distributors of fund participant account balances and transactions

    Key Benefits

    • Fully manage administration activities and all issues related to the asset manager’s relationships with customers, distributors and the Depositary Bank
    • Comply with new regulatory requirements from data archival to privacy protection
    • Reduce operational risk related to the incorrect valuation of subscriber positions
    • Benefit from maximum flexibility in the management of any type of customer instruction

    Depositary Bank Controls

    Objectway Depositary Bank icon

    Depositary Bank

    Supports Depositary Banks in their audit tasks of NAV calculation and management of fund participants


    Transfer Agent Controls

    Monitoring of fund participants, capital calls, distributions and payments

    NAV Controls

    Data ingestion, asset ownership verification, NAV recalculation, reconciliation, audit and reporting

    Business Process as a Service

    • Management of flows sent by Depositary Banks with daily balances of cash and securities accounts
    • Reconciliation with internal data
    • Preparation of reconciliation reports
    • Monthly reports with discrepancies still outstanding by month/year

    Key Benefits

    • Benefit from full autonomy with respect to the operations of Securities Services
    • Reduce operational risks associated with a miscalculation of NAV and incorrect valuation of subscriber holdings
    • Take advantage of the flexibility of configurable controls based on your organizational model
    • Ensure compliance with Italian and European regulatory requirements
    • Take advantage of the efficiency of an intuitive and easily navigable HTML solution