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Investment Platform

Benefit from a full set of digital powerful front-office capabilities to streamline platform’s tenant’s operations and act as an efficiency-enhancing outsourcer.

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    Maximise Client Engagement

    Improve collaboration with your clients, speed-up interaction and enable easy service access

    Digital Collaboration

    Engage your clients anytime and anywhere, enabling real-time reporting, trading and remote collaboration across all channels and devices

    client portal & apps

    Advisor Dashboard

    Deliver to your advisors an integrated platform providing dashboards and a 360° client view that automates information delivery and provides actionable insights

    advisor & distributor portal

    Client Onboarding

    Implement a fully paperless investment service for both customer onboarding and full customer lifecycle management, including client suitability processes & electronic signature

    client onboarding

    Empower Advisory

    Leverage augmented intelligence to empower human expertise, bringing client relationship to center stage

    High Touch Advisory

    Digitally integrating wealth planning with high-calibre investment management capabilities for growth, retirement, wealth protection and inheritance

    investment advice

    Portfolio Optimization

    Deliver in a click an optimized, suitable and personalized portoflio, appropriate for any customer needs

    risk, esg & compliance

    Deliver Portfolio Performance

    Deliver performance through a holistic closed-loop portfolio management process and a perfect investment strategy execution

    Portfolio Management

    Best of breed portfolio management system to execute investment decisions, delivering exceptional discretionary and advisory services to your clients

    portfolio management

    Order Management

    Efficient multi-venue trading and order management, pre and post trade compliance validations, real-time connectivity and direct link to markets

    order management

    Risk Management & Algorithms

    Business and operational support to enable real time what-if risk analysis leveraging on a consistent database and widely used market algorithms

    risk, esg & compliance

    Investment Platform who have chosen us

    Objectway Customer Enablement Services work closely with client’s team to implement, operate and evolve in the long term the on-cloud or on-premise solution they choose to adopt.