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Driving constant innovation with Objectway Technology

Objectway Platform Technology
Image Parallax Objectway Technology

Our product and service offering is empowered by alliances with leading partners to create business value, accelerate the successful deployment of our solutions and reduce risk.

    Seize opportunities, respond to challenges

    Objectway Platform provides superior scalability for greater performance, thanks to a complete, modular, front-to-back localized solution, set to enhance client experience, improve front-office productivity.

    Solid, open and secure

    Our solid, secure approach to technology gives you and your clients protection from threats and continuity of service, all the while our flexibility allows you to enhance your service offerings and improve client engagement.

    Constant improvement and innovation

    Continuous improvement of our products and services through technology brings efficiency – managing to do more with less – and new ways of solving problems. Our ultimate goal is an increase in the satisfaction of your clients and the competitiveness of your firm.

    Business & operations ready

    We research into a multitude of emerging technologies to select those that can generate value for customers. We invest in advanced technologies to make the transition into production and ready to support our customers’ business operations.

    Key facts & figures


    Average API calls per domain


    Average agile team size

    Scalability, openness and intelligence

    Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Our hybrid architectures go beyond the use of multiple public cloud providers. The orchestration of public and private cloud services combine the best of both worlds: the agility and scalability of the public cloud with the control, security and compliance of the private cloud.

    Open & Omni-channel

    An omni-channel approach weaves Web, mobile, messaging and CRM technologies into a threaded whole that facilitates customer journeys through automation, personalization, speed and accuracy. We extend this integrated approach to any third-party solution via our open APIs.

    Microservices & DevOps

    The microservices paradigm unlocks organizational agility and scalability, allowing us to manage services independently. DevOps continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) increase productivity by sharing information and tools among teams. Investments in automation infrastructure and container technologies enable security, reliability and fast software release cycles.

    Data Architecture

    One approach cannot suit all types of problems, and when it comes to data our decades-long experience covers all cases. The stability and predictability of relational architectures is complemented by the extreme scalability and flexibility of NoSQL, delivering an architecture that can scale horizontally and deliver unlimited performance.


    Security is a concern ingrained at every stage of our development lifecycle. Secure coding guidelines, automated static code analysis, code reviews and regular penetration tests performed by specialized partners, are there to ensure we remain shielded against modern digital threats.

    AI & Analytics

    A vast repertoire of advanced methods and tools comprising Machine Learning, Investment Science algorithms and Robotic Process Automation, can deliver superior performance in all aspects of the financial services business, including algorithm-based investing strategies, automation of back-office operations and enhancement of client experience.