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Professional advice, either independently or tied, on personal finance matters such as investments, retirement planning and wealth management

    Advisor Portal & Apps

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    Advisor Portal
    & Apps

    Boost productivity introducing business to the firm with a 360° client view and a new experience platform that automates information delivery, providing actionable insights


    My Business

    Access to book of business, asset allocation, list of clients, investment proposals with status, alerts dashboard, agenda

    Client & Portfolio View

    Drill down to client view and assets, portfolio status and assets with client impersonation

    Digital Collaboration

    Real-time remote collaboration with clients across all channels and devices through video-chat, co-browsing, instant messaging

    Client Risk Profiling

    Client profiling through IDD, KYC, MiFID questionnaire, financial situation assessment and diagnosis

    Key Benefits

    • Improve productivity, reducing manual activities and waiting times
    • Focus on development opportunities on high-priority customers
    • Support decisions with appropriate personalised financial information
    • Reduce complexity and speed up information delivery

    Client Onboarding

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    Client Onboarding


    Adopt an automated & omni-channel onboarding strategy to improve client experience and enhance business productivity in compliance with regulatory requirements


    Prospect Registration

    Collecting all client data for setting up an account

    KYC & Questionnaire

    Collecting a complete set of KYC informations and characteristics

    Contract Management

    Validation of informations and generation of account contracts


    Digital signature of contract for STP account set-up

    Key Benefits

    • Efficiently scale onboarding operations, decrease manual processing, minimise errors and cut waiting times
    • Enhance prospect conversion and strengthen client relationships through integrated digital capabilities
    • Reduce time to onboard with smart KYC capture adapting to each client type and integrated AML scoring engine
    • Reduce complexity and proactively manage more clients through omni-channel processes

    CRM & CLM

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    CRM & CLM


    Be more effective in your day-to-day tasks, better serve your clients and increase revenues with a smart client management solution


    Wealth Manager CRM

    360° view of client data, investments, assets, relationship, document store and tracking

    Suitability Assessment

    Real-time and bulk checks on customer portfolios according to regulatory requirements

    Reporting to Client

    Reporting solution concerning the entire investment reporting process, providing control, accuracy and visibility

    Contract Management

    Digital contract process including document composition, electronic signature, secure exchanging and archiving

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce complexity and proactively manage more clients through omni-channel processes
    • Generate insights and KPI performance throughout the client lifecycle
    • Seamlessly orchestrate your marketing campaigns in one place and track their success
    • Increase advisor productivity and enhance process efficiency