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Post-trade processes including settlement, clearing and record-keeping, to ensure efficient and accurate processing of securities transactions

    Securities Trade Processing

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    Securities Trade

    Increase efficiency and enable scalability with an STP trade processing for all asset classes and products


    Trade Capture, Fee Engine and Release

    Trade Capture from OMS, calculation of fees and commissions on trades both on market and client side, trade enrichment based on smart Standing Settlement Instruction routing matrix, reconciliation of market trades

    Trade Processing

    Confirm trades via SWIFT and all other channels, create cash entries and handle exceptions, amendmends and reversals

    Reporting and Compliance

    Report trades and ensure efficient compliance / market abuse control

    Repos and Lending

    Handle repos and lending/borrowing both for own account and clients

    Key Benefits

    • Boost operational efficiency saving both time and the resources
    • Maximise productivity via seamless administration processes and STP
    • Cut transaction costs and increase competitiveness
    • Reduce operational risk and ensure compliance
    • Prepare reliable portfolio income and taxation reporting packs
    • Focus on your core competencies leveraging our full IT outsourcing capabilities

    Securities Settlement

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    Bring efficiency to the back-office with a flexible and agile global software solution



    Self-clearing via links to CSDs such as CREST, Euroclear, Clearstream or via SWIFT to other custodians. Trade enrichment based on smart Standing Settlement Instruction routing matrix. Netting and flexible routing to sub-custody accounts


    Monitoring and updates of settlement status throughout the trade lifecycle; support of gross and net settlement, actual or contractual basis; Dashboard of settlement failures. Regulatory reporting on settlement status (CSDR reporting)


    Automated reconciliation to the custodian and within the books of the institution


    Automation of stock transfers in/out and custody changes

    Key Benefits

    • Bring efficiency to the back-office without compromising quality
    • Cut transaction costs and increase competitiveness
    • Focus on the key client management tasks
    • Automate operational processes while enhancing service offering
    • Ensure maximum reliability

    Securities Custody

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    Efficiently manage client positions and own holdings with state-of-the-art corporate action processing and flexible fee model


    Client Custody, Own Holdings and Non-Custody Brokerage

    Keep the custody records for clients and own holdings. Allow for trading and brokerage for non-custody clients with automatic delivery functionality. Provide warehouse and breakdown functionality for institutional clients/asset managers

    Custody Reporting and Fees

    Inform the client about holdings, and calculate custody fees based on a highly flexible fees engine

    Corporate Actions

    Efficiently handle corporate actions in a state of the art process model, cater for AGMs and SRD reporting

    MiFID Pre-Trade/Post Trade Reporting

    Generate detailed MiFID cost transparency reporting (pre-trade, post-trade) using up-to-date product information and directly accessing all fee models and special conditions

    Key Benefits

    • Support customizable custody and fee arrangements that can be adapted to operating models and and regulations
    • Increase efficiency of operations through automated processing of corporate actions
    • Maintain full compliance through MiFID reporting interfaces


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    Enable efficient hedging of positions and offer a full product spectrum using exchange traded derivatives


    Trading and Transaction Processing

    The complete life-cycle of ETD trades (Futures and Options) is covered including contract data management, trading and settlement. The solution provides a deep integration into EUREX and IDEM, but also caters for other exchanges and the handling of OTC contracts

    Margin Calculation and Reporting

    Using data received from the exchanges, the margins on all positions are calculated, and all data is provided to risk and collateral management. Also, all regulatory reporting requirements are fully covered

    Key Benefits

    • Increase productivity by automating the middle and back-office functions that support trade lifecycle activity, from the inception of an order through clearance and settlement of payments
    • Reduce operational risk by ensure seamless links between functions
    • Mitigate counterparty credit risk by analyzing the collateral management process