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A brand-new, democratic advisory model

Client from 2015 – CheBanca! is the multichannel retail bank of the Mediobanca Group. Emerged as the first digital native bank within the Italian market, today it manages over €33,7 bn in total financial assets and €17 bn in AUM/AUA.

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Chebanca! identified the hybrid advisory model as the best and most competitive fit for the demand for consumer advice

Chebanca! aimed at attracting next-gen and mass affluent investors, along with democratising advisory services that were traditionally reserved to the private banking world and deploying an automated hybrid advisory platform providing a unique client experience.

Objectway enabled CheBanca! to offer a native multichannel service providing customers with a simple, intuitive, and transparent product offering, and an innovative & distinctive advisory service.

Today, CheBanca! manages, on average, more than 600 investment proposals per day, increasingly offering customers a new concept in banking by making wealth management much more accessible and more client-oriented for the mass affluent segment.

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The digital transformation will provide additional input for improving customer service anytime, anywhere. The model chosen by CheBanca! is to develop more and more advanced hybrid advisory services.


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Business Benefits

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Enable hybrid/fully flexible advisory and constant monitoring

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Encourage money transfer from low-yielding cash accounts to investments

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Democratise advisory services

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Assure suitability according to MiFID II requirements

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Born in 2008, CheBanca! is the multichannel, digital retail bank of the Mediobanca Group, Italy’s leading Investment Bank. CheBanca! further accelerated the growth process over the years and focused its attention on consolidating the Wealth Management area of the Mediobanca Group by strengthening the commercial structures serving Affluent and Premier customers.