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Objectway attends the annual Systems in The City FinTech Awards Cerimony in London

20th June 2024 – The SITCA 2024 are back this year to reward those companies and individuals who have excelled in delivering quality support to their own clients.

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20th June 2024

12:30 – 16:00

Systems in The City Financial Technology Awards 2024

Objectway will be proud to attend the forthcoming edition of Systems in The City FinTech Awards 2024 organised by Goodacre.

This year, Objectway competes in two different categories: the Individual Category, with the nomination of Yannick Janssens, Objectway UK Business Leader, and the Company Category, with Objectway running for the Wealth Management category.

To vote Yannick Janssens, fill in the following fields and choose between two categories (Excellent Product Development or Outstanding Service Standards):

  • Enter Individual Name: Yannick Janssens
  • Enter Individual Company: Objectway

To vote Objectway Wealth Management, complete the required fields on the voting page, in particular:

  • Which Company are you providing a reference? Write “Objectway”
  • What data, service or system is the main point of your reference? Write “Wealth Management”
  • Assign us a rating in each of the aspects listed where applicable

Voting can be made online until Friday, June 14th. Have your say in determining the winner of SITCA 2024 and encourage your peers to vote for Objectway as well!

Follow this link to finalise your voting and get ready to discover how Objectway Solutions the way you manage and grow wealth, leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions designed to maximise your clients’ wealth and operational efficiency.

Event Information

Thursday, 20th June, Merchant Taylors’ Hall

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