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Objectway recognised by Celent as a key player for client reporting solutions delivering a better client experience

16 September 2019 – Objectway achieved recognition from Celent, the renowned research and advisory firm focused on financial services technology, as a key player.

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Objectway achieved recognition from Celent, the renowned research and advisory firm focused on financial services technology, as a key player in the report Client Reporting: the shift in delivery from low-value data to high-value information. Personalised, omnichannel, proactive. Aggregating information from any source across the front-to-back office environment.

Client reporting is evolving from delivering historical information on a periodic basis, to being a tool that encourages symbiotic communication, delivering personalised information in a proactive manner. Objectway’s client reporting features, part of the WealthTech Suite, are recognised in the report as enabling the delivery of high-value information.

Personalisation and Engagement

Investors expect to review their own portfolios and receive tailored advice at any point. Through its customisable investor portal and Apps, Objectway enables end-clients to get in real time a full reporting view of their assets, investments, goals, planned incomes, among others. Advisors have a full picture of their clients’ holdings and can generate client reports on the fly, as well as facilitate proactive discussions with them.

Omnichannel, omni-format delivery

Objectway offers different forms of client reporting: traditional PDFs, Apps, secure messaging, or remote collaboration via secure auditable video reporting. Reports can be generated by advisors or Compliance Offices, or requested by clients on demand. Objectway WealthTech Suite also supports proactive reporting with business alerts when, for instance, a suitability review is planned, when a MIFID-II depreciation event is happening, or in case of important updates about investments.

Data Management and Automation

Celent also highlights the information aggregation featured by Objectway. The reporting engine can create an aggregated business model for source-independent reporting, and the reporting services can create reports out of the aggregated business model. This guarantees strong flexibility in report creation, and independence of reports from sources.

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Our presence in the Celent report demonstrates our capability to meet the driving forces behind innovation within client reporting: the need of clients to be in control of their investments and in contact with their advisor anytime, anywhere; and a growing demand for personalised and proactive reporting, always meeting compliance requirements.


Luigi Marciano

CEO and Founder, Objectway.

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Innovative vendors and wealth managers recognise that reporting tools should be used to jump-start the client experience. Across client segments, a “checking the box” approach to investment performance is being supplanted by two-way communication based on the use of natural language technology, storytelling, personalised videos and other new media sources. Scalability and improved time-to-market are among the benefits accrued by the modern wealth manager.


Will Trout

Head of Wealth Management Research, Celent.