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JUN 18, 2021

Becoming a leading digitally enabled Wealth Manager

Jos Martens

Client Development Director

Reading time: 2 min


After more than a year of virtual events, approximately 35 experts from the financial services industry met in Vienna during the WM Summit, to discuss topics ranging from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine learning, Digitalisation, to tax reclaims, ESG and Taxonomy.

Our presentation focused on how to help prominent Wealth Managers engage with their clients, paying particular attention to hyper personalisation and how it is making its entry into wealth management via behavioural finance – used to both implement client profiling and deliver hyper personalised advisory.

The art of digitalisation

Where a few years ago the giving greater returns to clients was a key element to win clients, in today’s digital era, the relationship between the client and the advisor has undergone a massive evolution – from pure face to face to opti-channel. This allows the client to choose the channel best fit for his communication with his advisor, pure online for basic processes such as onboarding or investment portfolio reviews; SMS/Chat for simple instructions; video meetings for more formal processes; or face to face meeting to discuss complex, personal and family related topics.

In order to effectively and efficiently shift to digital, your technology must be supported by Open API’s. An integrated, scalable, cloud-ready digital platform supported by Open API’s will guarantee seamless integration, concentrate on business model configuration, and build your <customer front-end in a single bank user experience.

Given the above scenario, in a digital setting, companies will turn the legal must-do into a commercial weapon and boost your digital collaboration; clients will benefit from a qualitative, instant and hyper-personalised advice for a long-term relationship.