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APRIL 15, 2016

Collaboration is the Way to Be Ready for the Future

By Objectway

Reading time: 2 min


Once upon a time there was a mystical figure called Webmaster. This kind of guy could bring to life a website all by himself. This was a lot of time ago, when a bunch of static pages could be a great product on the web. That was the era of The Internet 1996 world exposition or The Million Dollar Homepage. Yes, they still work, go for a ride on the time machine.

You’re back safe and sound? Well, as we say, that was a long time ago and you know that there isn’t nothing that changes as fast as the web, growing fast and bringing new ideas and techniques every day. In the last years the evolution of frameworks, libraries, techniques and web standards has been exponential, leading us to the
modern web that we all know very well.


Nowadays a figure like the Webmaster is totally outdated and instead of a unique professional lots of specialists create websites by working together. People like me specialize in CSS, the language used for describing the presentation of a web page.

Styling websites and modern applications could appear like an easy activity to do, and it actually used to be in the past. But today modern web demands for us to be always on the cutting edge of technology in order to do our job at our best. And to do that it is important to be always up to date.


The CSSDay conference was created with this purposes. Born as a side event of the JSDay, CSSDay wants to give dignity to the technology that makes all sites more readable, interactive and beautiful. It’s the bigger conference on this topic in Italy with about 200 attendees, encouraging to share knowledge and learn from the community.


Now that sharing content is something anyone can approach to with ease, doing things on the web is the next big deal. On the web we already see television, use online banking, play games… and all the rest. However we have to keep improving these experiences. For the last decade we brought the offline experience to the web, trying to replicate aesthetics and patterns from the real world, as we have done back in the past.
So at CSSDay there has been much talk about web applications, how to style them, how to make them more personal, how to make them accessible and how to manage them in the long run.

Understanding what to put in our code becomes the most important thing for us UI Developer.


We owe it to sharing and collaboration that we got to the modern web. It is important to understand that we can’t go further if we stop collaborating. There is an old Japanese proverb: none of us is as smart as all of us. You probably have heard this before.

Sharing knowledge and meeting others in this digital era becomes the way to be ready for the challenges of the future.