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Empowering new opportunities: how current challenging market conditions are shaping the wealth management industry

Paola Ragno

We Wealth Journalist

Roger Portnoy

Objectway Chief Strategy Officer


Interviewed by We Wealth, Roger Portnoy, Objectway Chief Strategy Officer, provides an insightful perspective on how the wealth management has been evolving during the last years, considering a twisted and turmoiled macro-economic scenario.

Starting from the Objectway and GlobalData joint publication “Unlocking opportunity in challenging times: innovation in Europea financial services”, Roger traces the main steps that the wealth management industry is coping with, outlining its main struggles, given by rising interest rates and lower revenues.
According to this, the European financial services have to rethink their business structure focusing on the following areas:

  1. Sustainable Innovation, embedding ESG criteria.
  2. Customer Experience, making it hyper-personalised through AI.
  3. Offering Evolution, aiming for scalable services.
  4. Business Re-Configuration, involving outsourcing and cloud services delivery.

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