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Redmayne Bentley’s journey with Objectway towards a new Operating Model

James Scott Andrews

Director & Head of Investment Management, Redmayne Bentley

Hassan Suffyan

Former Managing Director UK and Ireland, Objectway


Since the partnership with Objectway has started, Redmayne Bentley has re-platformed its entire business across multiple areas, such as customer engagement and portfolio management.
In this interview taken during OWIN23 Customer Conference, James Scott Andrews, Redmayne Bentley Director & Head of Investment Management, talks to TWM and explains why they have choose Objectway for improving scalability and for making their business efficient.
James outlines how the partnership has enabled Objectway and Redmayne to grow mutually, as it has allowed Objectway to develop new products and solutions and Redmayne to achieve new perspectives on the potential of digital transformation for customers and investors.
The redesign process has led to the development of a new operating model, but the collaboration is heading up to future growth.