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JUL 19, 2022

Fintech UX: Look & Feel for a Successful Customer Experience

Marianna Vilardi

Marketing Content Creator

Reading time: 2 min


Fair enough, the fintech industry has experienced extreme transformation, navigating the digital age, and the latest introduction of investing apps and super apps, together with the entry of challenger banks and neo banks has certainly not untangled today’s complex fintech scenario.

Digital-first, agile firms got the better of those that simply “sticked to themselves”, throughout recent transformation and disruption, and what’s more it’s now obvious that there’s an additional target persona with new expectations, demanding digital, hyper-personalised and seamless experiences.

Clearly, competition could not but grow significantly across advisory, offering, investment proposals design, even branding. Yet, customer experience remains the field of the fiercest battles, those that determine who wins and who loses. We are never done speaking about it, dissecting it, improving it, discovering all hidden facets, and in times when the bar is raised even higher, we keep making it better.

Dynamise the ultimate Fintech User Experience

Lately, new interfaces have been developed, products and platforms have been redesigned to favour intuitive interaction, websites have been rebranded to be eye-appealing or even reproduced from scratch to facilitate user experience. And even those who already had a best-in-class designed platform or solution, have question themselves on how to make it look greater.

Companies, marketing and product specialist and directors and designers have more deeply looked into the role the user experience is playing in the fintech industry as an integral component of the customer experience. After all, we all look and feel before buying, no matter the product, no matter the industry.

The challenge is even harder now; boundaries between industries have faded and competition is no longer limited to typical peer rivals. Customers now not only value the look & feel but make comparisons with Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, to name a few.

Now, Fintechs are in the game and playing, making sure both potential and current clients have a fast, intuitive, dynamic user experience. When it comes to digital onboarding, ease of use is paramount, and when it comes to investment advisory solutions, personalisation is at the very heart, with an extensive yet efficient data examination to provide tailored suggestions and recommendations to respond to specific objectives, beyond traditional, beyond hypothetical.

But there is more indeed, wealth and asset management companies are taking care of the aesthetics of UI, looking at a distinctive design and layout, stylish colours, fonts, design system as the first drivers of attractiveness and customer satisfaction, particularly as emerging demographic of HNWIs are targeted.

At the end of the day, user experience alone is not enough, but adds the sparkle that makes your customer experience truly shine. Customer experience and user experience must walk hand in hand and work together throughout the customer journey to design and own a consolidated vision and experience. Because love at first sight does exist, but to be long-term, you need to cultivate it.