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Ramsey Crookall & Co. Ltd invests for growth and commits to Objectway’s Wealth in One solution

21 May 2018 – Objectway’s Wealth In One Solution will provide Ramsey Crookall with a fully integrated and innovative solution to enhance their offering to clients.

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Objectway, a leading provider of investment management and digital software solutions to the worldwide financial services industry, announced today that it has signed a contract to deliver and implement Wealth In One, the digitally enabled wealth management solution, at Ramsey Crookall.

Ramsey Crookall is the Isle of Man’s longest-established independent firm of stockbrokers and investment managers, providing full service stockbroking and wealth management to private & institutional clients and advisors.

Objectway, already providing Ramsey Crookall with Clearing & Settlement and Portfolio Management capabilities, is now to enhance this with CRM, Onboarding and an omni-channel, omni-device digital service through the deployment of the wholly integrated solution, Wealth In One. Wealth In One will fully support their operational activities and significantly enhance their digital capabilities, allowing Ramsey Crookall to engage with clients flexibly and efficiently, in a digital manner.

“Having partnered with Ramsey Crookall for a number of years we are delighted to enter into a new chapter with them,” said Luigi Marciano, CEO at Objectway. “Despite tough competition, Ramsey Crookall could see the value and benefits of a single vendor, fully integrated, fully managed and digitally enabled solution. This confirms that digital interaction is key today, enabling clients, investment managers and the firm to efficiently collaborate in a hybrid manner via a secure and fully compliant environment.”

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At Ramsey Crookall we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service to our clients and are willing to invest in technology to enable this. Clients are demanding more information and faster interaction from us, whilst we have to find new ways to automate and deliver a more efficient service. Objectway’s Wealth In One solution will ensure that we continue to deliver the level of service expected by our clients and in the tailored manner that they demand, but importantly, offer greater flexibility and agility to support our expansion.


Joanna Crookall

CEO, Ramsey Crookall & Co. Ltd