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FIRM OF 2025

OWIN18, Roma 03/18
Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris, speaker at Objectway Customer Conference 2018, was talking about future financial institutions needing to transmit values, to have people believe and trust them, so becoming loyal customers. How is fintech going to facilitate this process, if it’s going to do it overall?

OWIN18, Roma 03/18
James Brown
More quality of service, less cost to income: it’s the Holy Grail of wealth management! What’s the most overlooked element for financial firms to really complete such a quest?
OWIN18, Roma 03/18
Darragh Lennon
What have been the main hurdles in becoming a true omnichannel bank? How did you work to make omnichannel a differentiating plus, more than a simple adjustment to the new rules of the market?
OWIN18, Roma 03/18
Julien Bernard
How important is technology for Amundi’s success? Did digital change anything in the company culture, other than networks and systems?

OWIN18, Roma 03/18
Thomas Zink

Research shows people are not afraid to get financial advice from a machine. Banks, on the other hand, seem slow in reacting to such developments. What will it take to see the alignment between people expectations and banks’ offerings?


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