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Attend the Digital Integration in Wealth Management conference which will offer an expertise from top wealth management and private banks across the UK and Europe.

Operating within an increasingly digital landscape and serving next-generation clients, there is a growing need for the Wealth Management sector to better understand how to create a personalised offering for their clientele segments to clarify where to strike the balance between a digital and fiscal offering.

With high-level talks and discussions delivered by senior guest speakers, attendees can expect to discover the strategies, tools, and processes powered by innovation and client-centric values to meet cross generational needs and thrive in a digital age.

Objectway, sponsor of the conference, is delighted to announce that it will share the stage with its client Rathbones.

Don’t miss Objectway speech on “The keys of success and the lessons learned from a long-term leader in the UK Wealth Management Business”, where we will share the experience of Rathbones in adopting a digital strategy for transforming their client facing technology, creating a compelling user experience able to serve, at the same time, their traditional client base and to respond to the growing digital demand of new client generations.

For more information on Objectway’s offering, you can meet us at our stand during the conference or you can contact us by sendind an email at mktg@objectway.com.

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