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Leading the way in investment services

Client from 2019 – With 1.4 million clients, novobanco is one of the largest banks in Portugal. The bank manages over €20 billion of assets and has a network of over 300 advisors in the affluent and upper affluent segments.

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Making the future is the name of our strategy. A future that has already begun and that we are the ones making it. Together.

The firm was looking for a partner able to support their strategy to position themselves as a market innovator in investment services, by democratising their wealth offering with an efficient and scalable bespoke advisory platform, to service investors up from a minimum investment of €10.000.

Using Objectway’s Investment Advice solution, novobanco has the capabilities of a centralised and structured investment tool that standardises the creation of personalised proposals based on risk optimised model portfolios, provides proactive, real-time bulk monitoring against client mandates and implements algorithmic optimisation and rebalancing.

The bank is able to provide a holistic view of a client’s total wealth, whilst aligning the investor’s risk profile and goals with the bank’s investment strategies and governance, in compliance with MiFID II regulation, thus creating an hybrid service where the solution and the advisors work together to create a suitable personalised proposal.

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The partnership with Objectway on our transformation program has been extremely collaborative and productive. We’ll bring our plans further by pursuing together with Objectway more enhancements to our financial advisory experience, such as ESG regulations, multi-goal approach and direct advisory, to mention a few.


Alexandra Tostões

Head of Advisory Service, novobanco

Business Benefits

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Provide holistic analysis of clients’ asset allocation

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Enable advisors to generate personalized investment proposals, without subjectivity

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Benefit from on Cloud and SaaS-enabled delivery

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Build a lean, scalable and flexible solution for sustainable long-term growth

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The business model of novobanco is centered around domestic commercial and retail banking. Supported on physical branches and digital platforms, we seek to match our customer’s expectations, by offering them an omnichannel experience, based on transparent, simple and safe products and services.