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Objectway attends SDA Bocconi – School of Management REPAiR LAB Conference in partnership with CRIF

16th May 2024 – Within the REPAiR LAB – Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance conference entitled “Portfolio Analytics: Risk, Performance, Style & Sustainability”, Objectway grasps the opportunity to deepen the role of Risk Management for Advisory and Wealth Management processes.

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16th May 2024

17:00 – 19:00

Portfolio Analytics: Risk, Performance, Style and Sustainability

REPAiR LAB – Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance, the research and innovation laboratory born from the joint project signed by CRIF and SDA Bocconi – School of Management seeks to be a new point of reference for different players, emerging as a research and action group that can promote an authoritative dialogue with domestic and international political, regulatory and financial authorities as well as with the economic and social universe.

This year’s Conference will address its focus to Portfolio Management, considering the three pillars on which analysis models are based, namely Risk, Performance and Sustainability. The speeches scheduled and hosted by industry experts, will run through this topic, highlighting how an integrated vision of the models could sustain stakeholders to make well-balanced investment decisions, considering financial, political and environmental factors.

Marco Migliorin, Objectway Senior Business Leader, will share his perspective in the speech entitled “Risk Management in Advisory and Wealth Management – Suitability and Portfolio Analysis” retracing the role of Objectway in helping investors to better analyse the suitability and effectiveness of their portfolios, focusing on the use of risk metrics in financial advisory processes in two profoundly different operating contexts because of different regulatory drivers.

Event Information

Thursday, 16th May 2024, SDA Bocconi, Via Sarfatti, 10, Milan

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Portrait Marco Migliorin

Marco Migliorin

Marco has become Objectway Senior Business Leader in 2015, supervising the Risk Management and Portfolio Optimisation areas within the Objectway Advisory Platform. He has a 25-years working experience in the financial sector and a long-standing career as Bond Manager in different Italian SGRs, like Sella, BCC and Arca. His expertise is primarily focused on defining processes and algorithms to support advisory, risk management and portfolio construction. He holds a degree in Economics (Political Economy) from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.