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Objectway will attend the Tech & Consulting Career Week in Milan

27th February 2024 – Objectway and Politecnico di Milano partner together for the “Tech & Consulting Career Week: Guess My Job”, an exclusive opportunity for Engineering students to get in-depth insights on different companies and job roles they could apply to.

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27th February 2024

14:30 – 16:30

Tech & Consulting Career Week: Guess My Job

The Tech & Consulting Career Week is going to be the right time for all the Engineering, Design, Communication and Strategy students from Politecnico di Milano to get to know Objectway up close. This will be the ultimate opportunity to delve into trends and hot topics that are currently shaping the financial industry, including Risk Management, Advisory, Data & Analytics.

Objectway will be represented by one of our colleagues who will host a 10-minutes speech to describe its job role anonymously and then the students will have to guess the job based on the given information. Supported by the Politecnico di Milano Career Service students and experts will have the chance to network and to gain deeper insights on the development of their professional roles in business.

Seize the opportunity to meet and stay tuned to discover more! In the meantime, have a look at last year’s edition and check out our open job positions.

In the meantime, have a look at last year’s edition and check out our open job positions.

Webinar Information

27th February 2024, Online Webinar

We’re looking forward to meet you in Milan!


Portrait Giovanni Galantucci

Giovanni Galantucci

Giovanni is Objectway Delivery Manager for the Product Development & Solution Delivery Tribe. In his current role, he supervises and coordinates a work team that is now become the main technical contact point for the tribe’s clients across Italy, UK and Belgium. He has joined Objectway 10 years ago as Software Engineer and now he is responsible for the control of the entire product delivery process, including the Pre-Sales Phases through to configuration, deployment, and maintenance activities. Giovanni collaborates with OW Sales Management Team and Business Analysts to define and interpret clients’ requests and with OW DevOps Professionals to implement our financial solutions to the customer’s platform.