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MAR 31, 2022

Being Hyper Proactive in the era of Hyper Change

Alberto Cuccu

Chief Executive Officer

Reading time: 2 min


We hear a lot of talking about uncertainty these days. Indeed, as more changes unfold, more uncertainty arises. Fair to say, this everchanging environment inevitably generates distress, anxiety for what is going to happen, how it is going to happen, if it is going to really happen.
Within our industry of Wealth Management, Asset Management and Private Banking, this feeling is pounding. And when an industry is dominated by irrational, indefinable distress, clients – both our clients and the clients of our clients – need ongoing and proactive reassurance.

The current scenario has nothing to do with normal as it used to be, it is a never normal scenario we are operating in, where the number of initiatives, changes, business transformations and operational improvements have all increased and are expected to further augment in the future. And that is because clients, people, they are all always concerned, about the next move to make, the next reinvention, the next disruption.

We are navigating uncharted waters, where clients are perceiving high risk for their business, in terms of business continuity, losing clients, or even facing the possibility that their clients may disinvest or choose other players that deliver a better answer to respond to their anxiety of missing out. To compete and bring concrete value forth, firms are therefore required to have the rightest capabilities to provide those essential elements that will reduce distress, eventually.

To cope with the never normal but always concerned scenario, firms need solutions that are more flexible, digital and proactive compared to the past: clients want to monitor their investments and communicate with the firm, anytime and anywhere, this way reducing their anxiety of not knowing what is happening in their portfolio in the middle of the next, big change. Investment Managers need a technology system that allows to react quickly and promptly to abrupt market changes, to monitor portfolios in a more effective way, to activate the next best action on clients’ portfolios in real-time, to communicate and digitally interact with clients, reassuring them proactively and timely.

Combining these elements together, that “I have it under control” comfort word that your client seeks in times of radical change becomes real, distress is reduced and satisfaction increases. The relationship with your clients, your next promoter score will increase accordingly, and this will ignite ongoing value creation and new business opportunities.
In a never stable business environment, the only thing that must stay stable, augment and get better is your ability to respond to changes that happen around you, enabled by modern, digital-enabled, always on, real time and proactive solutions: the capabilities that you need to be hyper reactive and hyper proactive in the era of the hyper change.